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Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Vampires?

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts.
After having had some fun for the past two posts, I thought that a bit of an update was in order. I spent some time these past few weeks doing rewrites on the sequel to my debut novel, Dance on Fire. It has a name, but I try and not use it that often, lest someone steal it. *laughs* We have yet to decide whether we will name the series or not. I think we'll be having that conversation soon. Perhaps The Dance on Fire Chronicles or something. We'll see.

I submitted the manuscript to Vamplit Publishing a week ago. This one is a bit longer than the debut. It currently sits at over 118,000 words. I added a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn't keep time with this one. That was a lot of work. If you've read it you know what I mean. I would love to tell you more, but that will have to wait until we are no longer calling it a manuscript and actually calling it by name.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has read Dance on Fire. The reviews are very good. As of this writing, it once again claims the top spot as the highest-rated novel in the horror category on Smashwords. I have a Discussion Tab on my Author's Facebook Page as well that lists those reviews and many more.

While I have you here I thought I might take a few moments to answer the question: Why I Write about Vampires.

The truth of the matter is I never set out to write a vampire book. Although I find myself drawn to Lugosi's classic, it took several attempts before finally getting through Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. That was more to do with where I was then anything to do with Rice's masterpiece.

Instead, the crime novel that I was writing simply went that direction all on it's own volition. My dad is retired KPD (Kingsburg Police Department) and I grew up reading horror novels. Those two pieces of inspiration teamed together to get me where I am today. Now that I have written the first it is only logical that I continue the story. I envision a third chapter in the series; however, I plan to wait and see whether there might be a demand for it. If so, I would be happy to set pen to paper, as it were. If not, then I will simply wait a while before proceeding.

I would like very much to write other genres, but that is when things get tricky. If I decide to write a romantic comedy or drama (stories that I definitely have within me), do I press on or create new websites and a nom de plume?

I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

We'll talk soon.


  1. James, I JUST posted something similar about why I write about vampires LOL. Except I stick to the romantic type instead of the horror type. But all vampires are good in my opinion. :) Congrats on Book 2. My sequel is still in the first draft phase, but it's slowly a-coming together and making some sense.

    See ya around the web.

  2. Well, Jimmy, I will first say I am a fan. Secondly, the writing comes, no matter what you want to call the mss. you are working on at the moment. The story is, in my opinion, in power--you are merely the one who translates it into words. Sometimes you try and develope a character who decides HE is just the opposite of what you thought. It goes on, the magic of writing. I think it's why I love it so.

    Have a good week, my friend.

  3. I love vampires. I've read several vampire series books. Yours will be the next vampire book I read. Will be on my large TBR pile!

  4. Thanks, Ladies.
    J.D. - I had a little romance in mine. If I had guts, I'd crank that up a notch. Perhaps one day.
    Lorelei - Thanks so much for your encouragement, my friend.
    Kelly - I hope you like it.


  5. I understand your worries about branching out, Jimmy. If you develop a fan base in horror, will they read your other work? It's hard to say, but we must all write what's in us, and I believe it works out as it should. What's important is that you keep writing, no matter what it is! Congrats on book 2! Wow, that's great!

  6. I go back and forth with vamps. On one hand, I'm really tired of them but on the other, I quite enjoy unique takes on them. I really hate whiny vamps. Louis, I hate. Lestat, I love. I also loved Let the Right One In...the original movie and the book. I like vamps who are VAMPIRES, not babies. ;)

    I hear you on the multiple genres. I mostly write horror-ish things, so I choose to label all works "horror." For now...

  7. So the vampire demanded to be included in your book, eh? That's cool. Congratulations on finishing the second and getting it into the hands of the publisher AND congratulations on your stellar ratings on novel 1.

    I hope you do try out the romance thing. I always think it's fun to get a guy's perspective on that.

  8. Jimmy, I think you should write the story that's within you, whether it's vamp lit, romance, whatever. Actually, I think romance stories from a guy's point of view are awesome! And we'll follow you, no matter what road you take :D

  9. I'm looking forward to your romantic comedy. When it's made into a movie, I want a strictly Air Supply soundtrack.


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