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Sunday, November 1, 2015

99 Cent November

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Seasons Greetings to you as we enter the stretch run of 2015. Once you get to Halloween the next thing we know it's New Year's Day. Am I right? Hopefully it won't really be like that. Here in the California central valley the heat has finally left us, although it hasn't really gotten that cool yet. Yes, I wrote "cool." We don't really get winter here. Whatever. I'm just glad the heat is gone. Summer is overrated here, and I'm so pleased it's gone. Summer is my latest favorite season, as you may have guessed.

In any event, November is here. I find myself fighting against my nature, willing myself to slow down. As I mentioned before it can really race by if you don't force it to stop. Thanksgiving is my wife's favorite holiday. For me, I'm already looking forward to that afternoon when I start moving furniture and preparing to decorate for Christmas. Yeah, that's me. How about you? What's your favorite? Was it Halloween? You'd think a horror guy like me would love All Hallow's Eve, but not so much. Yeah, I'm evil that way.

Once again I have been invited to join what we call 99centnovember. It is the brainchild of author Milo James Fowler. If you're looking for a great read now is the time. Follow the link and fill that virtual bookshelf. You'll find my paranormal novel Seeing Ghosts there. Here's the cover. I hope you'll give it a chance.

The e-magazine that I used to write for, Kings River Life Magazine, featured my latest novel, Infernal. They gave me a positive review, featured an interview and also are giving away copies of the series so far. Check that out and feel free to throw your name in the proverbial hat for the giveaway.

This has suddenly become the season for book events, which I am very pleased about. I was invited to speak at my local branch of the public library. You always worry that no one will show, but I had a good group, and I think it was a successful event. I was able to sign several copies of my books, I met new readers and had a lot of fun doing it. Next, we have the Kingsburg Ladies Night Out event. Last year's event was big, so hopefully this one will be bigger and better. There will be another opportunity in December as well. In addition, I was invited by the librarian of my local high school about potentially speaking to the students. I'm very honored to have been asked, and look forward to having that opportunity.

Have a great November and a Happy Thanksgiving, you guys. As always, thanks for stopping by.

We'll talk soon.