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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Reviews

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts.

Yes, I know, it's only mid-week, and this makes three posts in one week. No, I didn't lose my job, giving me a whole another eleven hours in my day with which to play with. And, no, I haven't hit my head or anything... Are you going to let me tell this or aren't you?

What? Oh! My apologies. Sometimes I just argue with myself this way. The doctors have informed my caregivers that I will be perfectly peachy just as long as I properly take my medicine... :)

I posted Wednesday and am posting this revised version because I wanted to share with you two wonderful reviews that my novel received from Adriana Noir over at Ink in Faded Hues and from Lorelei Bell over at Lorelei's Muse. Both ladies were very kind to spend their time, not only to read my little vampire tale, but also to post reviews. I would love it if you would surf over and take a look. If you don't know Adriana or Lorelei, perhaps you will say hello and see what makes them tick; perhaps even make them new friends of yours.

Adriana's review begins, "This truly was a spectacular read from an author that I fully expect to see emerge as one of horror's rising stars..."

Lorelei's review states, "I especially like that he told the background of his two vampires throughout the story and it helped not only hold your attention, but also developed the two vampires.

Although  I am itching to tell you more, I think it better if I defer to the ladies...

We'll talk soon.


  1. Hurray for good reviews! I'll go check it out.

  2. That was an excellent review! I'll bet you were on Cloud 9 all day.

    Congrats, Jimmy. Enjoy the limelight.

  3. Hi, Maria. Yes, I definitely was on cloud nine. Still am, in fact. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Oh, it doesn't take much to put an author on cloud 9, does it? I'm up early before I have to leave for work hitting these posts before I leave. Jimmy, you're a doll. I hope to read the next installment too. I'll have to wait for the paperback version, though.
    Okay, gotta run.

  5. Wow, Jimmy, that is SO cool! And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I'll pop over and take a look :D

  6. Congrats, Jimmy! Heading over to those blogs now. :)

  7. Julie, Laura,
    Thanks for checking out the cool reviews, ladies. Very much appreciated.


  8. Well deserved my friend.
    You are an exceptional writer.
    And they are discerning reviews.

  9. Excited for you - best with your "dance" as an established writer James
    ~ MDW

  10. Spectacular. Rising star. I love it. Congrats.

  11. My heartfelt thanks and *hugs* to all of you, my dear friends. Thank you for egging me on, for patting me on the back when low, and for all of the general support that "art" requires. I pray that I give back as good as I get.
    Much love,



Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you taking the time. I'll get back to you here or on one of the other social networks. It's not like we're not on all of them, right? ;) Also, if you're here to give me an award - bless you. However, your friendship and visits are more than enough. Thanks and blessings.