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Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello Fire Enthusiasts! Now, if you are unsure as to just what exactly constitutes a "fire enthusiast", it's probably because you're new here! And that is part of the reason behind my posting today.

You see, I have been blogging since the spring, mostly in order to publicize my debut novel, Dance on Fire. It is currently an e-book, but plans are in the works to format it into a paperback very soon. It is a vampire story, as you no doubt already know. However, it is a crossover novel, bridging old fashioned horror with the Christian themes of good versus evil.

Now, I'm beginning to reach some impressive numbers. We just reached 130 fans on the author's Facebook page and we have now gone over the 50 followers mark here on the blog. I have just created a twitter account, too. What all of this means is we think it's time to do a contest. What do you think?

What to give away? Well, I'd love to give World Series tickets away for my beloved Chicago Cubs, but since that apparently is never going to happen-that's out! It is a bit premature for autographed copies of the physical book since it does not yet exist. That leaves me with copies of my e-book.

I'm hearing crickets. Hello? Anybody there? Hello?

Yeah, that's what our cat thinks, too (he reminded us of the cat in the film, Alien, so we named him Jones). Okay, but the book took me twenty years to complete (resorting to the sympathy vote)! Ah! you're back. Great. Now, as I was saying, we have a few copies of the e-book that we would like to give away.

In order to win a copy of this jewel...okay, okay. Come back! I'm just messin' around. In order to win a copy of my ebook, one must be entered into the drawing. To be entered, simply be a follower of this blog and leave a comment informing me of your wishes; or follow me on twitter; or friend me on Goodreads, if you have one of those accounts; or lastly, become a fan on The Official James Garcia Jr Authors Page on Facebook. Each location gives you one entry; all four would give you four chances to win. Okay? Wherever you leave your comment, please leave me an e-mail address so that I may contact you when you do win.

There are contest rules. Isn't that always the case? The contest will run for a week until Monday, July 12th. That's my eldest son's birthday, by the way. He'll be sixteen. Yes, I'm worried, too.

You cannot be related to me in any way. If you are: shame on you! Wanting a free copy, when you should be supporting me! LOL! Also, you cannot be a member of the Chicago Cubs MLB team. What the hell are you doing reading, when you are the highest payroll in the National League and sit so many games back in your division? Sigh! I have issues.

That's pretty much it, folks. If I have left anything important out of this post, please let me know. It's my first contest!?! Oh! Back to that whole "Fire Enthusiast" bit. Uncle Stevie (Mr. King) uses Constant Reader. I wanted something to use which to me would simply denote someone who had vested some level of interest in what I do. It encompasses everyone from those who encourage me to those who think that my writing is special in one way or another.

I hope you'll find yourself in that group...somewhere.

Thank you for your interest.

We'll talk soon.


  1. Hmm so Ill try again.. So I follow your blog, you on twitter I have befreinded you on goodreads, and I am a friend on face book.
    Congrad on the book, they say persistance pays well done,, There may be hope for me yet.. My wish to somday write a book even if its just for me, I have no idea how,, I love to read, and dream but I have no degree qualifications lol.. so We shall see, Your book excerpt looks great..

  2. I had a cat named Jones for the very same reason -- he looked like the one in Alien!! I'm a proud owner of Dance On Fire (on my iPhone, no less) and highly recommend it to everyone! Congrats on all the followers and blog hopping you've been doing, Jimmy!

  3. Thanks, Nikki! I'm glad some comments got through today. I understand that there have been issues. Hopefully it will be rectified soon.

  4. James, already a blog follower here. Hope the words continues to spread about your e-book!

    p.s. thanks for the blogging award the other week while I was on blogging hiatus.

  5. I follow your blog, friended you on goodreads, fan'd you on Fb and I'll do the Twitter step next! I want to win your book!

    If I like it I'll even promise to do a review for you on any place I can find that will let me.

    Cheers and congrats on your first contest!!

    Where are the sex toys and lube giveaways? Joking!! ;-)

  6. Oh-em-gee, C.J.! You've got the wrong blog if you're looking for that! Hell! The novel is only PG-13. Just for that, the next time you post on one of those subjects, I'm going to ask questions... Wait! This is a trick, isn't it? That's what you want your subjects to do. Nevermind.

  7. Very good! James best of luck. You can't miss, writing as you do!
    Rock on!

  8. I'm just hopping by to wish you a good day and lots of good books.

    Ms. Martin Teaches Media


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