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Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

After a one week hiatus, I am back doing the book blogger hop this weekend. If you have followed recent posts, then you know how busy I have been with my kid's baseball; as well as my recent new ventures as staff member of a local on-line magazine, Kings River Life Magazine, and my acceptance as a member of C.J. Ellisson's Wicked Writers Blog. As for WW, look for my debut next Friday.
So, if you have come hopping by, please leave a comment to say hello. I would love to meet you.
The Hop is sponsored by Jennifer over at Crazy-for-Books, and this weekend's prompt is the following question: what book are you dying to get your hands on? My answer, and I would be lying if I said otherwise, would be Dance on Fire by yours' truly. I just received word for my wonderful publisher, Gaynor, that my e-book is slated to become a paperback version sometime very, very soon. At 41, after dreaming of holding my novel in my hands nearly my entire life, the thought is very near and dear to my heart. A close second is the newest Michael Slade novel, Red Snow.


  1. All of your news sounds terribly exciting. New writing gigs and your book out in print! Congratulations!

  2. Ahh, Life steps in and steals you from the blogging world for a bit. Welcome Back!

  3. I feel so important! MY blog, eh? ;-)

    Mine is more the personal one with "out there" topics and boring ramblings about my life. The Wicked Writers one is truly a meeting of minds and literary geniuses combined under one roof.

    And I'm thrilled you agreed to join us!

  4. Ladies, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the three of you taking the time to stop by and show me some kindness. Have a great week!


Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you taking the time. I'll get back to you here or on one of the other social networks. It's not like we're not on all of them, right? ;) Also, if you're here to give me an award - bless you. However, your friendship and visits are more than enough. Thanks and blessings.