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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. How is the weekend so far? Forgive me for rubbing it in, but I have been on vacation this past week...and I have one more week to go. The family and I just came back from Monterey, California. We spent three days just getting away from the 100-degree summer heat by escaping to the coast. It was nice. We didn't go to the famous aquarium, but that was only because we have been very frequently. It is a regular field trip for our kids to go to while in elementary school. We did, however, spend a ton of time along Cannery Row. I'm not a big Steinbeck guy, but those of you who are will remember.

We also snuck over to Santa Cruz to spend time on the boardwalk. For Lost Boys fans, you'll remember that the movie was filmed there. Don't tell Nicole Hadaway that I was there! She adores that film so much that she may grab me around the neck for not taking her. Quite by accident we were fortunate enough to catch Eddie Money in concert there on the beach. It was cool, hearing those hits again in person. For those of you asking who Eddie Money is, he's from the seventies! Okay, he was in the eighties, too.

Yet, I did not post this note just to brag about our little vacation. I had two pieces of writing published Saturday. One was my first article for the local on-line magazine that I am working for: Kings River Life Magazine. The article is about a local performing arts center that opened this past year in my home town. The second is my take on writer's block over at Wicked Writer's. We had quite the discussion this week. You'll have to surf over and see who thought that it was a load of manure, and who thought it was alive and well and worthy of great respect.

Thank you for your time as I stroked the PR machine. I am working on a rant that I plan on posting this coming week. My kids are rolling their eyes already. We'll have to see whether you folks will agree with my kids that it is much ado about nothing, or whether you might wish to join me in the rant!

We'll talk soon.


  1. Oh, how I love the Lost Boys. Looking forward to the controversial rant.

  2. And I am looking forward to presenting it to all of it's glory! ;)


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