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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Year in far

So, can you tell that I'm on vacation? This is already too many posts in one week for me. Something's got to be up, right?

I was visiting over at Lola's place at Sharp Pen/Dull Sword and there was a great musical discussion going on there Monday. Pink Floyd was referenced, as was Depeche Mode. Even the mighty Zep was mentioned. It got me thinking why I had yet to spend a lot of time talking about music.

Music is number one in my life. As a writer, one might suggest that I would curl up and die were it not for books, or in the very least my ability to write books. Unfortunately, I must admit to you that the real answer would have to be music.

We've covered some of this before, so let's get to it, shall we?

I think there have been two huge songs out there this summer by two artists: Train and Katy Perry.

First of all, I am a huge Train fan. I have seen them in concert three times. It bugs me that other acts have skyrocketed while these guys seem to be languishing a bit. Perhaps "Hey, Soul Sister" will finally propel them. Hasn't that song been everywhere? Sporting events, commercials, television ads for shows. The "Save Me, San Francisco" album is very good, with only one song that I could do without. I highly recommend it.

The other song, and I must admit that I am late to the table with this one, is "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. Now, I have not been a fan of Katy's, but there is something about this tune that hooks me. That's why it's called a hook - I get it! Katy is a tough chick and can do whatever she wants. The video is a great example of how brave she is. I recently heard a bit of the second single off of that forthcoming cd. "Teenage Dream" is the song. It sounds much the same as the first single. We'll have to see what the masses think of it.

I'm a hair-metal guy from the eighties. For those of you who share some of the same afflictions, have you noticed who is releasing new stuff this year?

Krokus. That's right: Krokus. Many of you are thinking to yourself: Who? The folks who brought us "Screaming in the Night", "Headhunter", "Midnite Maniac" and "Our Love" have reunited and recorded a cd that's sounds as if they just got through building a time machine and have delivered that same metal attitude that served them well in the eighties. Hoodoo is one hell of an album! I've played it several times all the way though on my iPod while doing yard work. There's another cover of Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" that appears there, but I've heard worse versions. I guarantee you it'll have you double-checking the release date, swearing that it was twenty years old. The members of the band might be, but I promise you the music is very good. Marc Storace's vocals sound like they haven't aged.

I just bought a couple of songs off of the new Ratt album, Infestation. I wasn't the biggest Ratt fan in the world, but I do love their hits. I played the samples while doing some blogging the other day and found myself working the foot pedals while doing so. I don't know that I am ready to recommend buying the entire cd just yet, but there are two to three definite keepers there.

Does anyone remember Y & T? I bought one of the songs while I was shopping iTunes. It is called "Shine On" and it sounded just as they did back in the day. It just cracks me up that some of these older bands are not ready to give it up, and I'm glad that they haven't because they show that they can still rock.

Enough of that! I can hear my wife pleading with me to come into the new...

What's the deal with Maroon 5? Anybody? I absolutely loved Songs About Jane and thought that it was a great album. They toured for three years on that one cd! I find that I do not listen to but a few songs off of that last one. It was just different. I got all excited when I found out that their third cd was being produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange. The ex-Shania Twain was behind the reins for classic albums by AC/DC, Def Leppard and The Cars. If "Misery" is any indication; however, than it is all for naught because what I'm hearing sounds exactly like that second one. We'll see. One of you ladies, please tell Adam Levine that he should concentrate on his vocals and writing; he's not all that and a bag of chips! He thinks that he is, though. Have you seen him perform, or those videos? He needs to study Rob Thomas' stage presence. Now, that's a cat who knows how to captivate an audience!

What do you folks think about Corinne Bailey Rae? I loved two of the songs off of her debut, but, in my opinion, her second release The Sea is fantastic. I was worried that the whole thing was going to be about her husband dying. I imagine that it is, but you cannot tell. Every song is a winner. My wife doesn't care for her singing style, but I love it! Just when everybody was going one direction, here comes Corinne. If any of you are on the fence with her, I suggest you drop down onto this side because it is worth it.

What else? Thirty Seconds to Mars had a great cd. I know it was last year, but I'm still listening to it. I fell in love with Sara Bareilles last year and cannot wait until her new cd comes out in a month or so. The first single: "King of Anything" has been making the rounds. I had heard "Love Song" off of the Little Voice cd, but it wasn't until I had seen her concert performance dvd, quite by accident, that I realized how much skill this girl had. She is very witty and extremely talented.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure that I am leaving someone out, and that's okay. Feel free to remind me. Chances are (my mother would appreciate the Johnny Mathis reference there) that I have whatever I left out on my iPod. Yeah, I've got 120 Gig! I'll never fill it, but I am sure enjoying trying. I'm at 6,135 songs right now!

See, I told you it was all about songs with me.

Now, in the spirit of my crossover horror/Christian novel, we're crossing over with today's post. Read the post and then fly over to my author's page on Facebook and have a listen to a few of the artists that we discussed. I hope you will.

We'll talk soon.


  1. Such eclectic taste!

    Is Ratt's album really called Infestation?

  2. Love 30 Seconds to Mars and I'm still a fan of Maroon 5, though the second album isn't anything to shout about. 30 Seconds are playing in London later this year - sooooo badly want a ticket!!!

  3. I want to thank you ladies for stopping by. I hope you surfed over to the Facebook author's page and took a look at the videos that I posted. They are still up. Thanks again.


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