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Monday, September 5, 2011

Safely Treading Water

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. I'm not the greatest swimmer in the world.


Yeah, I know. I meant to do that.

What I mean to say is it may not take that much for me to cramp up, succumb to the sharp cold or become overwhelmed by the tide. I can swim some, but long distances or storm-whipped waves are going to prove too much for me...

You see, I'm doing the best that I can here, but I go through periods where it can all be a bit much.

I am on Facebook, Twitter, Get Fanged, Shelfari, Goodreads, Dark Media City, Linked In and now Google Plus. I don't tell you that so you can immediately look me up there, although it would be great if you did, and many of you have already done that. No, even as I created my G+ profile last week, I was thinking to myself, "just what in the hell do you think you're doing?". I already hadn't been blogging! I post once a week now, and that seems to be just what the doctor ordered. No, I mean to say that I have failed to visit as many blogs as I would like. I know that I can never keep up with everything and everyone, but I feel some measure of stress if I don't.

Now, I'm supposed to be giving my second novel a edit/rewrite before getting it back to Vamplit Publishing (Hello, Gaynor. *waves*), I need to be working on my next article and I work too...darn many hours. Yeah, that wasn't what I wanted to write there. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as the word "damn" would have been. *laughs*

How are you all doing with "everything" that you wish to be doing? How are you finding that balance?

My hope is that by touching base with all of you, via any number of the social networks that we'll stay connected, show each other some love and simply be there. If you don't see me on your sites, I hope you'll see my mention of you on #WW or #FF on Twitter; my "like" of your posts and comments on FB; etc., etc. That's what I hope anyway.

In the meantime, I really needed this long Labor Day weekend, and I promise you that I didn't just sit here on trusty laptop. I need to, but then again, I don't really need to. Do I?

It's when I try to that I feel like I'm drowning. And that isn't helping anyone, is it?

Before I go, I had a bit of a thrill this week. I saw on Twitter that one of my favorite authors was going on a helicopter trip. All I said to her was to have a safe trip. I had never interacted with her previously that I can recall. A few hours later I was checking trusty iPhone when I saw the following note: Patricia Cornwell is now following Danceauthor.

My mouth is still hanging open. Okay, that isn't the prettiest image, but you get the point. She had less than 100 that she was following and I am in that group. It was and is very humbling.

These shelves are loaded w/ Cornwell books.

I hope everyone had/is having (whatever the case might be) a great weekend.

We'll talk soon.


  1. I'm trying to balance too, Jimmy! Had a great family weekend playing games and hanging out. I need to get back to my wip, but it'll wait until tomorrow. I too have read all the Cornwell books. That is sooo cool! Best to you, my friend. If I could only meet a handful of my Twitter friends in person, you would be one of them:)

  2. Ahh, Jimmy. You and I are in the same boat. Swimming in emails and trying to stay afloat. The only difference is that I'm only on FB and Twitter! I know how it is and I'm sure what you're going through is universal. We wouldn't feel like we were accomplishing anything if we didn't have our irons in multiple fires! Hang in there, buddy. As soon as I can find my lifeboat, I'll save you!

  3. I think I drowned last week end. Like you, I got in over my head. I've got people friending me at some site--yeah, like I have time to go there and visit or even confirm the 50 people who friended me. Sheesh!

    And I joined this Writing Champaign. I don't relly have time for the challenges they've got.

    Sigh. So forgive me for it, but I did have to give the Underwear Challenge to someone that could at least take a joke (; So, don't feel like you are letting anyone down or frustrated about it. I think I took the opportunity to put two of my characters into this post and introduce them to people visiting me.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my book, Jimmy--whenever you find a key to lock yourself into a broom closet and read it! :D

  4. Oh, and I meant to say Coooool about getting Ms. Cornwell's attention. Smooth, buddy!

  5. Holy crap, Jimmy! I love Patricia Cornwell! I remember her Scarpetta series was the first thriller that I'd read when i was wayyyyy…I mean a bit younger. Still love her books. I'm jealous!

    I'm the same as you. I have so much going on all the time and to try to keep up with everything gets really overwhelming. I do what I can with the time I have. Family first, for sure.I get about a snippet of time a night to look at Twitter, FB, emails, etc. On top of that, I'm trying to get my first novel revised. I'm only asking for about another 12 or so hours added to the clock. That's not too much is it?

    Nice seeing you around Jimmy :)

  6. Very cool about Patricia Cornwell. You've inspired me to explore Twitter more. I am hopeless at social networking.

  7. Congrats on getting a "famous author" to follow you on Twitter. :-)

    Drowning is what I fell I'm doing most of the time ... and I don't have small children or much of a day job. I don't know how writers like you manage at all.

    And second novels? I can only say I wish I had one ready for editing.


  8. Ref: Patricia Cornwell is now following Danceauthor.

    Okay, that is WAY COOL.

    I'll try not to drool in jealousy on my keyboard now. :)

  9. Good luck on your edits. And yay for being followed by your fav author. =D

  10. Thank you, my friends. I saw all of your comments as they arrived, but treading water as I am, I didn't get back to you until now. *hugs*


  11. I know what you mean re: all the networking we have to do as writers. I see some who blog three+ times a week, are constantly updating on Twitter/FB, and I don't know how they do it. Somehow, we've got to make time to write and get our work published. But I guess if we're not networking, nobody's reading our work, right?

  12. What is this 'balance' you speak of? I'm horrible. I do what ever NEEDS to be done soonest. Right now my focus is writing so I can get more published books under my belt. When I can't write, I do some sort of promo/networking type work. And I try my best to remember to blog when I can.

    Yes, it does feel a lot like tying to hold my head above water during a storm... And I'm not a good swimmer either. :(

    Wishing you the best. Stay in touch.


  13. Yay on Patricia following you! I had the same feelings when my very favorite author did the same. I was "yay!" and "wow" at the same time.
    I didn't join Google+ because I already don't have enough time to do my other social networking. Plus I started a new blog. What am I thinking?! :) I haven't written in my wip in weeks. :( But will find a new writing routine soon.

  14. Milo - It's definitely tough. I'm pulling my hair (what little I have left) most weeks. People seem to really like my book; however, for the most part, nobody knows about me yet.
    J.D. - It's always great to hear from you.
    Kelly - I saw those concert photos. You rock!

    Thanks for stopping by, you guys.


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