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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Dear

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts
So I had a polite quarrel with a sister in law once, before she and I had become family. You see my fiancĂ© and I were planning a Friday wedding for June 22, 1990. I say “we” but it was mostly my wife who did the work. I just want to make sure that I give the credit where the credit is due…

In any event, nobody gets married on a Friday was the argument. No, we needed to wait one more day and get married on Saturday which would have made more sense. I suppose that was a pretty good argument, except for one little thing. At the heart of the matter was the minor detail about that Friday being our two year dating anniversary. We met at junior college and became really good friends, until I went and fell in love and messed that all up. Thankfully, God was in the thing. When she told me that we would only ever be friends, I didn’t get mad, and we parted as friends. Over that summer, the woman who would eventually become my wife missed our time together and looked me up. She did not have my phone number, but managed to locate it through a friend of my brother. She called me June 22, 1988.

My friends, I may not be the most romantic guy in the world, but I am a little bit, and I was not about to get married on my two year anniversary plus one day. Hell, no! We became husband and wife on a Friday evening in my brother in law’s backyard in front of God and a large group of friends and family.

I tell you this because I want to acknowledge the woman who has stood beside me on this incredible journey that I suddenly find myself in. She knew that I was a writer when we met. During the course of our marriage that dream remained only that while two people became one flesh, and then eventually became a grand total of four. And after all of these years we find that the writing dream did not die, but simply waited.

I’m a published writer now. People are reading my words each and every week. Although I am all too often found sitting before my laptop after my very long and tiring day job, my wife has given me the space to do this, applauded my successes and loved me still.

I love you, too, dear, and I thank you for this and so much more. Happy Anniversary.
We’ll talk soon.


  1. That is a sweet story. Happy anniversery to you both. I hope you have many more together. :)

  2. Happy 21st Anniversary, Jimmy!!! That's such a sweet story. I know some people who've gotten married on a Friday. Maybe it's more common now?

    Yesterday was my anniversary! Only 3 years though, LoL. We wanted to get married on July 21, since that was our dating anniversary, but it fell on a Monday so we compromised with June 21. So I totally get where you're coming from! I would've done the same thing. :)

    Enjoy this special day with your wonderful wife!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Jimmy! What a beautiful couple you two are!
    This week there are a lot of anniversaries! Our sixteenth is Friday!
    Kelly Polark

  4. Happy anniversary! I got married in a Friday evening as well, also in a backyard. :)

  5. Thank you, ladies. My wife and I thank you so much for joining with us on this special date. It was great hearing some of your stories, too. We're heading to dinner now...just the two of us. The teenagers are on their own!! ;)


  6. Happy Anniversary! A beautiful post and fitting tribute to your wife.

    Ellie Garratt

  7. Happy anniversary, Jimmy. I can see why she keeps you. :grin:

  8. Thank you very much, Maria, Ellie. My wife even got a kick reading the comments that we were getting. Thanks to all of my friends who wished us a great anniversary.


  9. Very nice post, James. Congratulations.



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