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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hitting 50 ...and more

Because I just hit 50, I have Long Island Iced Teas over here for all of the Fire Enthusiasts! Okay, many of you might already know that my birthday was in March and I barely turned 41. What I'm talking about here is the 50 followers mark.

Believe me, when I turn 50 years old, I'll be drinking Crown! Unless my doctor tells me not to, that is!

No, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has followed me along this four month journey. A year ago at this time I only had a finished novel. I had yet to discover Vamplit Publishing. I obviously had yet to realize the dream of seeing my name in print. I had only heard of blogging and had not spent any time at all thinking that I might ever have one of my own!

And then there's Facebook. Just yesterday I was sitting on 97 fans on The Official James Garcia Jr Author's Page on FB. I put out the word, asking if anyone might like to help me get over the 100 mark, and help me they/you did. If you take a glimpse over at the badge on your right you will notice that we are now sitting at 121. Wow!

So I thank all of you. I thank you for taking the time to read what is up on Blood Read. If you haven't gone, it's free. I thank those of you who have bought a copy of the Dance on Fire ebook, especially those who have blessed me with a comment or review. And for those of you who have promised to immediately snatch up a copy of the novel when it makes its paperback's coming.

I'll be sure and let you know!

Not only is the paperback coming, but Dance on Fire: Flashpoint will be delivered to Vamplit Publishing sometime this fall for a potential winter 2010/spring 2011 release in both formats!

These first months have been exciting and I thank you all again for taking this ride with me. I hope you'll continue to do so.

In the meantime, enjoy the Long Islands.

I know I will.

We'll talk soon.

(Updated)6-30-10. Okay, so I posted and had the number for 24 hours, and then suddenly I dropped one. I had a moment when I was shocked, followed by another with irritation, followed by a desire to quickly get the post down before it became too embarrassing. However, it's happened to others, it's happened now to me, for whatever reason. I am simply going to decide to roll with it. I don't need to know who it was. I'm just going to keep blogging, keep moving forward, and look forward to number 100.

We'll talk soon...I promise.


  1. Hey, don't worry about it. Followers...they come and they go...but the readers? They always stay. :)


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