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Monday, September 23, 2013

Seeing Ghosts Character Interview

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. The following phone conversation occurred during Paul Herrera’s last night in the old ranch house in Salinas, California…

Paul: Hello.
Me: Hi, Paul. How’s it going?
Paul: Good… Wait! This isn’t Ray?
Me: No, it’s Jim.
Paul: Who?
Me: Jim. The guy who’s writing the book.
Paul: What book?
Me: The book about the week you spent living in Flora’s House. Trust me. Just go with it. Are you alone or are Anne and her son sitting there?
Paul: They’re here. How did you know that?
Me: *sigh* You know, this will go a lot quicker if you’d simply believe that I know what’s going on there. How are you? I mean really. I don’t suppose you’re sleeping?
Paul: No.
Me: That’s what I thought. Are you going to make it?
Paul: What do you mean by that?
Me: Well, you’re not sleeping. You’ve got a woman there who looks like… Well, you know?
Paul: You mean, like my dead wife?
Me: Sorry, man, but yes. She’s gorgeous and all, and ordinarily a guy would be happy to entertain anyone half as pretty as her, but it must be gut wrenching…
Paul: Can we talk about something else?
Me: *pauses* All right. What about Aunt Flora?
Paul: What about her? She’s not my aunt anymore. That ended with her death…
Me: Yeah, but death hasn’t stopped her from terrorizing you, has it?
Paul: No.
Me: What’s the latest with her?
Paul: She’s trying to get me to let her back in the house, but I won’t do it.
Me: What do you think she wants?
Paul: Well, I…. Wait! You’re the guy who knows everything. Why don’t you tell me what she wants? Why did she give me her house?
Me: *pauses* I can’t really see everything, just some things.
Paul: Why don’t I believe you?
Me: Sorry, Paul.
Paul: For what? Not telling me anything? For lying to me?
Me: Uh, yes. All the above. Tell me about Patricia. Where’s she been during all of this? Have you talked to her?
Paul: Oh, yeah. The Bitch! She’s a piece of work that one. I wish I could have her dragged from the property.
Me: So you’re stuck with her then?
Paul: Yes.
Me: What has she been doing?
Paul: Threatening me, antagonizing me, keeping me up with her chanting and whatever witchcraft she’s doing out there in the middle of the night.
Me: And Flora’s there, too, I suppose.
Paul: She is now.
Me: Any other ghosts?
Paul: *sigh*Of course! You know, I think I’m getting tired of all of these questions of yours! Can’t you tell me anything? What do Patricia and Flora want? This place is surrounded with ghosts. What do they all want? I’ve got them inside now, too. I’m losing my mind here! What am I supposed to do?
Me: I’m sorry, Paul. I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. But you’re going to have to stop her.
Paul: Just how do you suppose I do that? Or can’t you tell me that either?
Me: Yeah. I’m sorry about that, too…

I figured if I was going to do a bit if shameless promoting, at least I could make it slightly amusing. This was a character interview that I did during the summer when I was on the month-long blog tour. The book has been getting good reviews. It’s still just a lot of work trying to get it noticed in that sea of books out there. I appreciate those of you who have read it or are getting ready to. For everyone else, I hope you’ll consider grabbing a copy of Seeing Ghosts, or adding it to your Goodreads shelf. Every little bit helps.

Have a great week. We’ll talk soon.      


  1. This is great, Jimmy! I like this idea for promoting your novel. It's more enticing than just a summary of the book. Congrats!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. I can see me having the same argument with Byron...

  3. Ha! Love this idea to promote the story. The Seeing Ghosts cover is gorgeous, btw!

  4. Good job, Jimmy. Our poor characters are in our capable hands and we don't want to give away the ending to them. Let them suffer some. Hey, I shared your book on fb and twt.

  5. I like! Very clever. Fun character too.


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