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Monday, September 16, 2013

Dance on Fire...3?

Happy mid-September, Fire Enthusiasts. It's very cool to see you here. You should know by now how much I appreciate you dropping by. There are millions of other sites you could be visiting. It humbles me that you chose this one, whether you leave a comment or not.

I'm pleased that fall is fast approaching and summer is losing its dominance as the season of the power. Of course you know I'm not concerned over winter's arrival since Central California winters are mild. Thick fog is the only worry here. If I had to shovel snow every morning I might be mourning summer a whole lot more than I am.

Thank you to all who visited last week. If you missed it, I'm all about the music, so I celebrated classic albums that just had to be played from beginning to end without skipping a song or two. Lots of people agreed with me, but many shared albums that they would have listed. I love that! I'm still trolling iTunes, hunting for many of those to add to the 7000+ songs on my iPod. See, I told you I was all about the music! It's not too late to join the discussion. You'll find the post just below this one.

As for the day job, I'm still working way too many hours. There's a possibility that they may be shortened a bit, but if it does happen it won't be for a couple months. *crosses fingers*

I have been faithful to my trusty treadmill. In the summer I found myself at 187 pounds. *laughs* "Found," he says. Okay, what happened was I spent every free moment during the spring and summer with book promotion and wasn't paying much attention to the garbage going in the tank, or the amount of hours I was spending sitting on my [CENSORED]. It took about a month to reverse that situation. I have been consistently below 180 now. Sunday I hit my low of 177 pounds. I eat and drink what I want, but know that I have to work it off. It's all about portion control and watching/reducing the amount of garbage that goes in. I was power-walking/running 3-7 miles as often as I could, much of that time in the late afternoon after work when it was 100+ degrees. The treadmill sits in the garage, so it wasn't fun. That's another reason why I can't wait for cooler temps.

I'm working on the outline for my next WIP. It's still early. So much of that is me doing nothing but spending my days allowing the ideas to percolate. This will be book 3 in my Dance on Fire, crossover vampire series. I know where the characters are, how many years later it will be, and some of what is begging to tale place. I just need the plot to clear in my mind and for that said-plot to excite me. When it excites me, that's when I will begin. It's getting there. If you are unfamiliar with this series allow me to explain...

Nathaniel is a vampire, wanting nothing more than to have a place to rest his head. He has often wished for death, wondering why God ever allowed this punishment: to walk the earth undead and unable to be redeemed. Does God remember the little boy from Romania who watched his parents die, was raised by the murdering vampire, only to become one himself? What does God think of Nathaniel and could there yet be redemption for one outside of heaven?

As you can see, my series is a crossover, marrying the best features of classic horror with the Christian themes of good conquering evil and redemption. I try not to hit my readers over the head with the church stuff. I just figured that if I was going to be adding to the vampire mythos, I needed something a little off the beaten path. It's getting good reviews. If curiosity gets the better of you, the e-book can be had on Amazon for 99 cents.

We'll talk soon.


  1. Congratulations on getting back to fighting weight!
    Good luck with that third book. For me, they are the most difficult.

  2. You guys have it so lucky with the weight loss. You don't have hormones fighting against you (grumble, grumble). I just hope the muscle I'm building will eventually get hungry and eat my extra calories! Haha!

    Sometimes I find writing a series is easier, since your world is already defined. But then it's harder, too, because you want to make sure you have enough conflict left to write about. Hope it goes smoothly for you. Especially, since you hardly seem to have any spare time. Yikes!

  3. I don't think I could handle a treadmill in the garage--unless it was air conditioned. :D

    I have a friend who keeps a treadmill in her office and a small tv mounted on the wall. She keeps a ready supply of horror movies to keep her running.

    Re: outlines
    Outlines make writing easier. I'd rather spend a month wracking my brain on an outline than a year wracking my brain on a story.

    You'll make it.

  4. Loved your post on you know, I'm deeply rooted in the musical universe, myself. Congrats on the weight loss...I seem to have picked up what you dropped off (means I need to make more time for laps in the pool). Fingers crossed that your WIP comes along with ease. ;-)

  5. Hi Jimmy! Congrats on the treadmill work ;) I have been sticking with my diet too! Lost 30 pounds since January. Still have a bit to go. Doing well here. Got dad into a care home, so trying to adjust. He is doing really well. It is such a relief to know he is finally getting the care he needs. Love to hear your book news too! I'm totally ready for Disneyland!

  6. Way to get back on that treadmill! The only time I watch TV is when I'm the treadmill, so that is a motivator but still I've only hit it twice this week!

    7000+ songs! You have me beat by thousands!!

    Also, I saw your comment on my post today and hit myself in the head (how could I forget Jimmy's?!). Seeing Ghosts is added. It's mostly summer and fall releases in the post but May is close to summer, right?! :)


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