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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pushing 200 Blog Posts

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Thank you for stopping by for post 199. We're approaching a bit of a milestone, aren't we? Now, I would have been to 200 much sooner had I posted more often; however, I learned a long time ago that with my time constraints I had time only for posting once a week and visiting the sites of others with what little time remained. The other thing is I also don’t offer advice. I never really felt qualified to be doing that. I share what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been – with regard to this writing career; I clue you in on what I’ve been reading, watching or listening to. Really, until I feel the day has come that I deserve a full website, I’ll just use this place. Some will offer that having an official website just conveys how professional one is – and I get that. It just gets back to that time thing…

With hitting this number comes the opportunity to offer giveaways. I think I will do that, but not just yet. There’s simply too much in flux at the moment. The fabulous author/cover artist Maria Zannini is putting the finishing touches on brand new covers for my first two books as we prepare to do the big cover reveal on book three. I would counsel patience in this matter, but I can hardly stand it either. *laughs*

Let’s get back to the issue of time constraints again. This new job I just transferred into has really thrown me. It’s going to be great once I fully settle in, but in the meantime it has blown up my routine. I worked from 7 am to 7 pm my first two days in this gig. I haven’t seen my treadmill since last Tuesday and I have barely touched this laptop. If you don’t catch me prowling about your blogs or hear from me across the social networks – you’ll know why! During the week I barely had time to check my iPhone. I have two more days to work with the outgoing supervisor this week, but then I am on my own. There are so many new things to learn that I feel as if I’m cramming for a big final…

When the new facility becomes smaller in my eyes and I set up my routines, life should be so much better…and you should mercifully hear no further whining from me. *crosses fingers* I pray once we get into the 200's there will be much more discussion over new covers and new interest in my first two crossover vampire books, followed by the release of my Paranormal Romance which I really am excited to present to you, a secret collaborative writing project and much more. Big things are coming. I promise.

I’ve learned quite a lot over these past few years, as I know we all have. There really is so much to learn, isn’t there? On the other hand, it is all so very exciting, too. No matter how successful each of us are, we’re really living the dream.

We are living the dream, aren’t we? And we have made so many new friends to help us celebrate along the way. Thanks, you guys.

We’ll talk soon.


  1. Good luck in getting comfortable at the new job, Jimmy. Can't wait to do the cover reveal for you (^;

  2. We ARE living the dream. And it's awesome. :) Congrats on reaching so many posts! And can't wait to see the new covers. YAY! :D

  3. It usually takes me three weeks to settle into a new routine for work. But when it happens, it'll be like slipping on a favorite pair of jeans.

    Working on those covers. Soon, my friend. Soon.

  4. Congratulations, Jimmy, on your soon-to-be 200 posts! I wish you all the luck with the new job! I also want to say thank you for the encouraging words you left on my blog this week. I appreciate it. :)

  5. A new position, 200 posts, paranormal romances -- it's already been a big year!

  6. Congrats on almost 200 posts! I definitely know how it is to be super busy with work and everything. I work overtime as well most weeks. Good luck getting settled in to the new position!

  7. Congratulations on almost two hundred!
    I've never offered writing advice either. I don't want to mess up a new writer.
    Hope the job settles into routine and you have more wiggle room.


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