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Monday, April 1, 2013

Day Trippin'

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. How’s it going? I hope you had a Happy Easter, a nice long weekend or are simply doing well. I won’t take up too much of your time this week. There really isn’t much to tell…

There has been a delay with regard to getting started with the editing on my latest offering. I’m told it should get started very soon. Once I have a feel for how long that process might take I will begin sending out the information on the cover reveal for it. My thanks to all who have asked to be involved in this project. I appreciate the heck out of you for doing so. If you have yet to sign up and would love to be considered, please just let me know here in the comments. I’m easy. I will send out an e-mail with the blurbs and cover of my new book. It is a paranormal romance for those of you who have been away in writer’s cave or parts unknown. The cover is gorgeous, but you can see that for yourselves when I send it to you. If for some reason you change your mind or are unable to be involved – no worries.

For those who heard that I am transferring positions at the day job, I spent part of last week at the new facility and will spend a couple more days there training before taking hold of the reins, as it were, on April 8th. It is a cold storage that my company bought a few years ago. It has a handful of production lines in it and a lot less people. The difference here is I get to smash my dreadful alarm clock and get up with the sun. *grins* The ten years I spent getting up before God did (3 am) seem to be over. I will be acting manager at this place, in charge of nearly everything except the maintenance. I’ll let you know how it goes…

My family took advantage of the long Easter weekend and took a day trip to the coast. We live in the California Central Valley so it’s only a three hour drive to get anywhere. As hot as it gets in the summer, the fact that we are that close to everything makes it really a great place to live. Anyway, we started our day in Morro Bay. We had lunch there and did some window shopping. At the bottom of this post you will find a photo of a bar here because I used the real-life location in my second novel, Flash Point. We then moved down the coast and stopped in San Luis Obispo. My oldest son visits there with his pals all the time and wanted to show us his hang-outs. There’s a record store there that is pretty famous: Boo Boo Records. It has a little bit of everything. We left with a handful of cds: a re-mastered version of Boston’s first album and Black Sabbath’s first album for me since I couldn't seem to get it on iTunes. We then headed to Pismo Beach for dinner and the famous Splash Café. We had the award winning Clam Chowder Bread bowl as you can see.

All in all it was a nice day. It was cold and cloudy near the water at both Morro Bay and Pismo, but SLO was nice. The four of us had a good time and we got back home safely at about 10 pm. Have any of you locals been to any of these places? I’d love to hear about it.

We’ll talk soon. 


  1. Not a local of those cities and never visited those restaurants, but growing up in Santa Barbara, I'm familiar with San Luis Obispo (I have ancestors buried there) and Pismo Beach (there was one restaurant right along US 101 I used to love to go to when I was a kid, but can't remember the name - or if it's even there anymore). Drove up and down that coast many times (my aunt lived in San Francisco and we liked to visit her). It's sooooo pretty!

    So, did you have any of that beer soup?

  2. I had to laugh when I read that sign for Soup of the Day, and below it, it said, BEER.

    That's Greg's favorite soup! LOL.

    Sounds like a great weekend. Good luck at the new job. And congratulations on smashing that clock!

  3. Oh, how I envy your trip to the coast! Glad to hear you had a nice day.

  4. That sounds like a lovely weekend trip. We went back to Oregon to visit some family this summer, and discovered a restaurant on the coast we hadn't known was there (my dad recommended it). It was so good! Now we (hubby and I) that we didn't do more exploring in the year we lived there together (I lived there as a kid, but moved back to get married before coming back to Colorado). I love visits to the beach! Bit landlocked here, though.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  5. Hi James,
    Enjoyed reading about your family weekend. Sounds like fun! Best of luck with your edits and in your new job. Sending huge waves from across the pond.

  6. Love how you all got together and spent it enjoying good food and despite the the clouds, your soaked up the fun of the environment. I'm and Englishwoman who is all too familiar with clouds, but it;s the people and what we can get out of our environments which counts.

    I have a circle - my hubs and our dog - anyone else is inconvenient in general! Am I terrible? Perhaps. But it keeps us smiling.

    Loving the sound of the cover reveal. I've done those (myself and for other's) so I'll be up for showing you off :) shahwharton at gmail dot com for XX

  7. Jimmy, I'm so glad you had a beach getaway! And I'm also glad you get to sleep in a little now with your new job.

  8. Hey Jimmy, can you send me your email address? I don't see it anywhere, and I have a question for you about your Facebook badge. My address is Thanks!

  9. It looks like you had a great time!


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