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Monday, September 10, 2012

One Night with the Vampire Nathaniel

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. Today I bring you a rare treat. Although I have written two books about the events that occurred in Kingsburg concerning vampires (the sequel is nearly ready for your eyes), I have always done so in third person. Recently, I was visited by Nathaniel himself, and I thought I would share that experience with you. He allowed me to share those details, but not the date, for whatever reason.

Nathaniel: Wake up, James.
Me: That’s cold! I hate it when you do that! [He touched me on the neck with his cold hands].

Nathaniel: Yes, I know. Luis doesn’t like it either [you'll meet Luis in book 2]. You wished to see me?

Me: Well, yes, but you didn’t have to come in the middle of the night!

Nathaniel: Ah. What time would you have preferred? 3 pm?
Me: Good point. I didn’t realize you were in town.

Nathaniel: No one does. However, since the events of your most recent book on the matter, I have decided to remain closer to home [His tone here was sarcastic. He would prefer that I did not document these events, but does nothing to stop me].
Me: Well, that’s good.

Nathaniel: Is it?
Me: Of course.

Nathaniel: Why? Does this give you fodder for further books? [See what I mean?]
Me: Nathaniel, it’s not like that.

Nathaniel: No?
Me: No! I wrote the stories so they wouldn't be forgotten, and to explain things.

Nathaniel: Some things are best left untold, James. There are many mysteries that have been left unsaid.
Me: Like what? Aliens? JFK? Secret societies? Vampires?

Nathaniel: Especially vampires.
Me: Don’t you think it’s good that people realize there are some good vampires in the world?

Nathaniel: There are no good vampires in the world. Surely you must realize this? You know the stories, although you seem to employ creative license in the telling of these tales of yours.
Me: Oh? So you don’t think I have the events correctly?

Nathaniel: I did not come here to quibble with you about these silly books you write. I only came to see what you wanted. We have a nice relationship, you and I. Let us not sour it with ridiculous arguments that serve no purpose. Now, what did you wish to discuss with me?
Me: I believe you've already answered my question.

Nathaniel: Which was what exactly?
Me: I didn't mean to summon you down from the mountains… [Book 2 explains where he's been].

Nathaniel: I have already told you that I did not come down for you. I am here now and will remain so. Please. What did you wish to know?
Me: I was curious what you thought of my books. Now I know. You clearly don't like them.

Nathaniel: James, I am sure they are fine. Have I seen them? Yes, I have. Have I read them? A little. I believe skimmed is the operative word. I try and read the Bible only at this point. I have read a great many books in my lifetime, and have enjoyed them. What I need now more than anything, however, is the book that gives not pleasure, but life. I need this very much.
Me: I see. I wish you well with that, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Thank you. If I may ask, where is your Bible, James?
Me: In the library.

Nathaniel: Bottom left shelf, is that right?
Me: Yes.

Nathaniel: There are two there.
Me: That sounds right.

Nathaniel: Covered in dust.
Me: Sadly, I think’s that’s right.

Nathaniel: You know it is.
Me: Yeah.

Nathaniel: Good night, James.
Me: Good night, Nathaniel. I apologize for bothering you.

Nathaniel: It was no bother.

I haven’t seen Nathaniel since that night, although I'm fairly sure that I have felt his presence a time or two. It’s a bit unnerving, but I don’t fear him. The key is respecting him and his power. I should have his second set of adventures available in October. I'm calling it Dance on Fire: Flash Point. When I told him once what I was calling it, he stared at me for a moment before shaking his head. "Aren't you getting rather tired of the whole fire thing," he asked me. I went on to explain why I liked it so much, but by the time that I was done, I found that he had already left.
We’ll talk soon. If Nathaniel stops by again, I’ll be sure and let you know.


  1. Great to hear from Nathaniel,James. Your new release is going to be awesome:))

  2. I'm going to have to sleep with a stake in my hand now. Eeks.

  3. Oooo, he sounds so dark and mysterious. Love it! Great hearing from Nathaniel!

  4. I do like Nathanial. But don't you think you're pushing your luck here? Vampires do get snarly and out of sorts when pushed. LOL

  5. I like Nathaniel. He totally called you out on your bibles collecting dust. Your copy of Missed Periods better not be. Hey, Nathaniel, is it?

  6. Glad you escaped the visit without teeth marks on your neck, Jimmy! :) You'd better put extra garlic on your pasta from now on!


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