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Monday, August 13, 2012

Blog Ring of Power interview & Lucky 7's

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Thanks for dropping by. It always means the world to me when you do. I will be monitoring from the day job since my blessed two weeks of vacation have now ended. That means 3 am alarms, and shifts of eleven hours or more and a company cell phone that rings and rings and rings... On the other hand, air conditioning isn't cheap. Has it been dreadful where you live, my friends? It's been solid triple digits here in the California Central Valley, so I'd better get back to work if I want to be properly shielded from that.

I was tagged by friend and talented author Linda Cassidy Lewis this week. If you aren't familiar with Lewis, you really ought to follow the link. You might recall my telling you about her delightful novel, The Brevity of Roses. Anyway, I had told her that I would schedule my response in another week. However, instead of offering any updates on novel or publishing progress, I thought I would go ahead and do it now. It would give me an opportunity to offer a taste of what's coming with book 2. According to the rules of the Lucky 7 Meme, I'm supposed to start at page 7, travel 7 lines down and then offer the next 7 sentences to you. Unfortunately, there was little "meat" there, so I skipped to page 77 instead.

First, a bit of back story. Steve and Angie Rosen make their home in Morro Bay, California. Before that, they had been next door neighbors to the main heroes of Dance on Fire back in Kingsburg, California. They hadn't seen their only child, Tiffany, since the week a fire took their former home. That was five years ago. In that time, Steve had neither had any contact with his former neighbor, (then Detective and now) Police Chief Michael Lopez. Due to escalating tensions, Steve has since reached out to Chief Lopez. Ok, that's a spoiler enough, so ask me no further questions. ;)

Steve trudged into the kitchen without turning on a light, his mind going a mile a minute. By this point, he just knew that Ashley had disclosed to Tiffany about her having discovered him snooping in their bedroom. Whether the subject of her being topless in his presence had come up, he was unsure just what he should think about that; and just what might Tiffany say, if anything, to her mother.

He walked over to the sink and placed his hands on each side of it to steady himself. He looked out the window at nothing in particular, wondering suddenly just what it had been that he had come into the kitchen for. And then he thought about the chief just as instantly as he had contemplated his purpose in being in the kitchen. He considered his instructions on the message that he had left about exactly when to call and began to half-pray that the chief might disregard them and call right this moment. Hell! he thought. Walking in the door might be better. Steve was surrounded by family and yet he felt so utterly alone.

I know, I know. You have questions. You probably will want to read Dance on Fire first. Everything else will become clear later this year when I release Dance on Fire: Flash Point.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a group of cool people that collectively are known as the Blog Ring of Power. It was quite the extensive interview and not always easy to answer. I was challenged by it, and I hope you'll find it interesting and informative. It will be broken up into five parts and the first part was posted this past Friday. If you have the time, I hope you will surf over and show the different bloggers some blog love. Below you will find the necessary links.

Part 1 @ Em - Friday, August 10th Realms of a Fantastical Mind.
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Part 3 @ Dean - Tuesday, August 14th The Write Time.
Part 4 @ Terri - Wednesday, August 15th Home of Author Terri Bruce. 
Part 5 @ T.W. - Thursday, August 16th T.W. Fendley, Author. 
I hope you guys all have a great week.
We'll talk soon. 


  1. It's been hot and humid here on the East Coast - and I had to replace my home HVAC system when the AC failed. On the bright side, I generally sleep in till 5AM so no complaints on that count :-)

  2. He saw her topless! How scandalous! I love the book already. And a five-part interview! Cool, I will check it out.

  3. Questions indeed... I need to get reading. Hope you're keeping cool in that heat. We've been lucky in PA lately with cooler temps. Good thing too because I don't have A/C!

  4. Nice excerpt! The Lucky 7 is a fun meme. The interview sounds cool as well!

  5. Cooking right along with you Jimmy. UGH. Too hot!

    My family used to vacation in Morro Bay every summer. Love when books have locations I'm familiar with. Makes it more personal :)

    Don't work too hard! ~Michelle

  6. Thanks for the mention, Jimmy. You've intrigued me with your excerpt.

    And I really enjoyed reading your 5-part interview. Your perseverance will pay off big someday.

    Waving from up the road. *lol*


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