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Monday, March 5, 2012

Perspective, Treadmills and iTunes

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. So glad to have you stop by. In fact, I'd like to thank everyone who dropped by this past week as we discussed errors in novels and the meaning of it all in the grand scheme of things. If you haven't read that post yet, I encourage you to do so. You can do it now, if you'd like. Go ahead. We'll wait...


In all seriousness, you were right. The novel is being enjoyed and many readers have been asking for the sequel (It's coming. I promise). No one seemed to have even noticed the errors that I had discovered, so why should I worry about it. I have heard back from my publisher and am told that the errors will be corrected in the near future, which is fabulous news.

In any event, I was getting so many visits to the post, and so many comments, that I didn't have time to stop and think about what I would post this week. Can you tell? Speaking of comments, what did the powers that be do this time? Did we just lose the ability to follow replies now? *sigh* Can't they just leave well enough alone? I'm sure it's only at Blogger, but it is very frustrating. I suppose I should keep my complaining down just in case Big Brother is watching.

I'm just kidding. I love Blogger! I think it's the greatest site evah!!

Courtesy of CBS

Yes, Sheldon. That was sarcasm! Do you guys watch The Big Bang Theory? It's hysterical, isn't it?

Alright, let's move this thing along, shall we? Last weekend we had a treadmill delivered. For those of you who remember, I used to run after work. I ran between 2 and 5 miles nearly everyday. I stopped that for a while and began doing floor exercise instead. I ended up stopping that as well. Due to too damn much writer stuff (mini rant), I lost interest as I tried my best to juggle everything. Now I have ten pounds that I need to get rid of! Hence the treadmill!

The only issue that I ever had with running was with my feet, but Inserts cured that. So, I stretched and ran to my heart's content; 3 miles the first day and 4 the next. Since then, not so much! I messed up my left knee, pushing myself too hard. Now I'm working my way back. That has been very frustrating, too. I suppose I should worry that I damaged the knee more than just overworked it. We'll see. I'm sure it has less to do with the 3 and 4 miles I ran, then it does with the 43 that I will be turning later this month. *grins*

Next, on Friday night, while I had 100 windows open on trusty laptop, it froze on me and the screen went black. Eventually, the music that I was listening to came back, but nothing else. I forced it to close, but when it came back up, my iTunes library had been wiped out. Now, everything was on my hard drive and was reloaded, but my OCD is screaming because I have duplicates of too many songs and my album covers have been...ahem,  messed up.

It is a darn good thing that the mini rant is long over or that could have been ugly. ;)

Perhaps it is a due to last week's gained perspective or just because I am too darn busy to worry about it, but I have yet to begin repairing that music library. In the past I would have locked myself in a room in order to finish it before going to sleep. Right now, however, I really am not going to worry about it.

There's no way in hell I'm going to be plugging my iPod or iPhone into my computer, however.

If my library gets wiped off of my iPod, there will be no mini rants forthcoming! I may be maturing in my old age, but not that much! One last fact for you: I was listening to John Mayer when this dreadful thing took place. I blame him.

We'll talk soon.


  1. I did read the last post and thought I'd commented...must be that old age thing. ;) So I'll just load up on both post here. On typos and perspectives - Before I went deaf I rarely if ever noticed the small moments in life, one day bled into another one after the other. After I went deaf, to say the world turned upside down and spit me out is putting it lightly.

    Years later I learned to have safe measurements to rate a day by, otherwise things like typos, the washer breaking down would leave me incoherent and frozen.

    Now today...I think I have a clearer picture, those things you think are so monumental most likely won't even get an eye blink from a passing stranger. And as I've found out (judging from my deafness) there are far bigger fish to worry about. Typos can be found in almost every single book you read.

    Now today's post - Shit happens. Oh yeah, major pain in the ass stuff, but life is way too short to give it much more than what it is. Things break, things get fixed. Of course you need to be careful not to take the 'shit happens' theory too lightly, such as a messed up knee. Some things are avoidable. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Ahhh, Jimmy. You just make me smile. Funny thing… I've been having a knee problem lately too! Just in the last week. I've been doing treadmill and weights forever, though, so I'm still wondering what the problem is. Maybe it IS the age thing (tell me it ain't so!!!). Have a great week!!

  3. Thanks, Indigo, for dropping by and for taking the time to comment on both posts. You're right - it must be that age thing! Speaking of that, I have now logged in two days on that treadmill and I'm still walking upright. :)
    I really appreciate what you wrote. You're absolutely right about that, too.
    Take care.


  4. Hey, Laura Jean! It is very lovely to have you drop by today. Sorry to hear of your knee issue. I've just done two days in a row, so hopefully am over the hump on this mini injury thing.
    Hmmm? I'd like to tell you that it isn't an gae thing, but lying is something I never do. We're still quite young and will simply need to roll with the changes.


  5. Knees? Wow. What knees...ouch! Oh, those...

    I'm going to say Happy Birthday to you Jimmy, in case I forget to. But I know everyone will now remember you have a b-day coming up, kid.

  6. Thanks, my friend. How could anyone forget? It's March 22 - the same as Shatner's. :)


  7. It's totally John Mayer's fault! I also blame him for your knee issues.

  8. Hey James! Love your blog posts. Hope your knee improves soon and your laptop behaves - they're worse than toddlers, aren't they? Anyway, get back to that running, release more endorphins and you'll get all the inspiration you need to finish your next book. Wish I could be so motivated - do you get endorphins from yoga? LOL:))

  9. Preachin' to the choir, my friend. Both on the "mistakes" and the whole exercise thing. I went and read your last post, and yes, the misfortune of others usually puts our own into perspective (so sorry for your friend).

    But it is still frustrating to find these mistakes. About twelve short hours after going through the time consuming process of putting up "Free Five," one of my family members pointed out I had used "if" instead of "is" in one of my author explanations. DAMMIT!

    As to exercise, I'm a biker or swimmer. Never understood runners. But I think I could do a treadmill. If only I had someplace to put it. God speed, my friend.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  10. Wow! Thanks, you guys! These past two weeks have been amazing; so many visits and comments. I am overwhelmed and so appreciative.
    @Jenny - That first single from Mayer sounds as if he has learned some lessons. I hope so.
    @Jane - Your comment gave me giggles!
    @Paul - Running has been the one thing that has helped consistently remove the pounds. And now I can run, lose weight and listen to tunes.


  11. Curse you, John Mayer, hehe! jk ;) Wow, that's a major bummer about your laptop, talk about perspective, eh?

    Oh! I'm so glad your publisher will fix the errors that caught your eye, that's gotta make you feel better (even though your readers didn't seem to notice ;) ).

    Good luck with your sequel, and hopefully your knee will feel better! In my humble opinion, the best inspirations come after a great workout - whatever our level of physical fitness ;)

    Great post here and your previous one on perspective, too! Hope you have a great Friday, see you out there, either here, twitter, wherever other social site we'll happen to bump into each other, hehe! :D

    Kelly Said


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