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Monday, August 15, 2011

Writing & Reviews

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. It strikes me that I rarely discuss any writing on these hallowed pages. There’s a good reason for that. You see, I haven’t done any.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. I usually write one to two new things a week; however, those are blog posts like this one or the articles that I write for Kings River Life Magazine. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of projects, so I haven’t really begun my third WIP. As soon as the edits are completed for Dance on Fire: FlashPoint, then I shall begin writing book three.

Many of you are writing all the time. Many are working on several projects at once. Many are engaging in 30 day marathons like NaNo where you write that novel in one month. Many are writing flash pieces each and every week.

I envy you guys. Kind of sounds like Kevin Spacey’s character in Seven, doesn’t it? I assure you that it is only coincidental. *grins*

Perhaps this will change, my not writing more regularly. At the moment, I spend much of my time networking, leaving precious little time for anything else. It is hard enough trying to get readers to find my crossover vampire novel without that. It’s very good, too, I’m told. It seems to get great reviews all over the place. I just have to keep getting the word out.

With that in mind, I thought I would share some of the reviews that I have been getting...

"I love what Garcia has done with Dance on Fire. ...The characters are drawn with depth and substance. Garcia has a gift for dialogue that “shows” more than “tells” the reader about the characters. I was also struck by the imaginative storyline which builds tension to the dramatic, bittersweet climax. Garcia mixes a horror thriller with deep suggestions about the nature of grace and providence and leaves you thinking about these concepts long after the book is finished." --Pastor Ed Ezaki

"I particularly love the start, you do not need to be told that this guy is bad news. From there on it never lets up and keeps you wanting to read right up the ending. Well thought out and well crafted." --Author Mathew Bridle

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dance On Fire... The plot was skillfully developed and strung together with such grace, I wasn't really sure what was going to happen in the end until the conclusion. Garcia teases the reader in a variety of directions, and, like any good mystery, although you search for clues, nothing is revealed until the end. I liked the treatment of the vampire as both light and dark, and this book dealt with both sides believably." --Author Angela Love

"The plot is superbly written, I loved how it also took the form of a mystery while you follow the detectives trying to solve the bizarre murders. You won’t be disappointed in the growing tension which builds up to a dramatic climax. Don’t let the genre titles of horror or Christian put you off, if you love vampire stories, you’ll enjoy this book!" --Author Jennifer Wylie

"...Let me commend author James Garcia, because in his adept hands he has made this thoroughly engrossing novel an exceptional read. I loved it!" --Author Carole Gill

"Garcia uses strong verbal details; there is no stone left unturned in this novel. He takes his time developing his characters, weaving them together in a written structure that is multicolored, and part of a plot that is spiritual, sensual, intriguing, and stimulating. There are subtle twists and turns that keep one turning the page, whether a paranormal aficionado or not." --Michelle Cabezut, Fresno Magazine

"I thought using the time of day instead of chapters really added to the pacing. The final battles at the homes and police station were exciting and well detailed, putting me in the action along with the characters. I'll have to admit what I found extremely compelling were the flashbacks to Romania and the Poienari Fortress. The crumbling fortress, the cold, the master vampire - all these things tugged at my particular kind of horror. A really good novel, and a thrilling read." --Author Timothy Hobbs.

Many thanks to those reviewers as well as to all of the others who have taken the time to read my little book. I really appreciate you more than you know.

I hope to reward that allegiance that you have offered me with each new work.

We'll talk soon.


  1. A good post, Jimmy. I'll be adding mine soon. I justneed things to slow down a bit.

  2. You and me both, sister! Lol! Thanks, Lorelei. No rush, my friend. I just appreciate whatever and whenever you mention it.


  3. Outstanding reviews. I'll bet you're as giddy as a schoolboy.

  4. Awesome reviews, Jimmy! How exciting. You'll get back to writing, no worries. It's so hard to balance it all, but even if you had nothing else to do but write, it still wouldn't be enough. Take each day as it comes, do what you can, and hopefully fall asleep with a smile each night:)

  5. Those reviews made me happy, so I can only imagine how happy they made you. Well done.

  6. Writing takes so much more energy than people think. Review writing is not easy. It takes me hours, sometimes days.

  7. Great reviews! With Write1Sub1, I've been writing more this year than ever before in my life. It's been tough at times, but I can feel my writing muscles stretch and grow because of it.

  8. It saddens me that you aren't writing more. However, I understand. It's hard finding the balance sometimes. I still have yet to find that perfect zen between networking and creating.

    I'm halfway through Dance on Fire, and I have to say, those glowing reviews are well-deserved. Excellent stuff.

  9. Hello, JAMES ~
    Off topic here... I just saw a comment you left on the blog of my friend DiscConnected and was reminded that your blog is titled "Dance On Fire".

    Having recently posted a massive multi-part blog installment that included several references to Jim Morrison and The Doors, I thought perhaps I'd stop by here and provide you with a link in case you might be interested in having a look.

    But in reading your profile page I was surprised to see you do not list The Doors as a favorite under the Music category. Naturally, with a blog called "Dance On Fire" (a phrase I know from a Doors' song), I just assumed...

    So, never mind the link, but now I'm curious how a person who is not especially a Doors fan came to embrace the expression "dance on fire". Care to enlighten me? Thanks!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. Mariah - I've taken quite a lot of time, attempting to put reviews together, too. I want to really give it my all and not cheat or take an easy way out. I really want to show the material the respect that it deserves..

    Milo - That's great to hear. If the demand is there for my writing, than I will continue to press on. If not, then I simply plan to back off a bit and take my time. This schedule is killing me slowly...

    Adriana - Thanks. I sent you a note...

    Stephen - I have rectified this error and have listed The Doors. I would never dream of offending the Lizard King.

    Thanks, you guys.


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. JAMES! ~
    Thanks for answering my question, Brother! I liked your response, and I also like the “Dance On Fire” title and the reason behind it – which I find sort of humorous in a “Black Comedy” kind of way.

    And you needn’t have apologized for anything, including “The Doors” omission from your Profile Page because, frankly, you got me with the line about seminary school and I had to Google it to find the connection. Once I saw it, however, I thought: UHP! I’M AN IDIOT!

    Because, you see, once upon a time I owned “The Soft Parade” album and was very familiar with that song intro. But that was in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s and I had forgotten it.

    I too was once a major Doors fan but over the decades my tastes changed drastically and I moved away from Rock and almost exclusively into Jazz and Blues. I’ve recently begun reexploring my Rock ‘N’ Roll origins and with it, The Doors.

    Well, with your explanation, perhaps you WOULD be interested in taking a look at my multi-part blog bit after all. If not, no problem. Hell, it IS pretty damn long. But just in case, you’ll find Part 1 (with a link to the ensuing Parts) HERE.

    It being about my younger years in Los Angeles, I found occasion to mention Morrison and The Doors several times throughout the installments. And, oddly enough, my dream of becoming an Academy Award-winning actor ended with me playing the part of Jim Morrison in a friend’s film school short, which I also wrote (as explained in Part… uh… 4, I think).

    Anyway, there are several photos of The Doors included and the story of how the album “Morrison Hotel” gave birth to the worldwide bar/restaurant chain “The Hard Rock Café”. As I said, I’m kinda getting back into their music and recently purchased a 2-disc retrospective to go with my already owned copy of “Morrison Hotel” (favorite Doors song: “Peace Frog”).

    Yak Later, Bro.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  13. Don't worry - I only work on one project at a time and I haven't started on my third book yet.

  14. Great post. Hope you get back to writing soon. It's hard to find that balance.

  15. Great reviews! I also found the beginning to be riveting! hope you get back on the path with more writing ASAP.


  16. Awesome reviews! I'm with you... been totally slacking with the writing thing all summer (other than blogging). But that's ok, I like to give myself permission NOT to write when other things in life are going on, like moving to a new house, kids starting school, etc. ;)

  17. My thanks to all who took the time to leave me a little note. Some of you I e-mailed a reply. To all of you I wish you a wonderful week and look forward to crossing paths with you somewhere along the blogosphere.



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