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Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation, Part One

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. I trust you had a great weekend. Anytime that I don’t have to get up before God does, which is what my day job asks of me, then it’s good. (Lord, I apologize for that there.)

Well, after having discussed this new restructure plan of mine for two weeks, I thought it best to talk about something else. How about vacations? My next library event is this coming week, so there isn’t much to discuss there. I have yet to begin rewriting Dance on Fire: Flash Point, so there isn’t anything there either.

Who among us has been on vacation yet? Anyone? Where did you go? Was it a working vacation?

As many of you may recall, we went to New York City this past March for my oldest son’s High School Wind Ensemble. They played Carnegie Hall, and the trip was fantastic! However, with more trips like that coming, we’re not going to go crazy this year with any large trips. There is already talk of another potential New York trip next spring for the High School choir, followed by a Hawaii trip the year after that. I’m also heading to Georgia this coming fall for my brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, everyone - including mom the teacher –will be in school then, so I’m going alone. Well, not completely alone, my parents are coming with me. With that in mind, it appears that we will probably only be taking mini vacations for a while; which is perfectly fine.

We live in the California Central Valley. At the moment, it isn’t a lot of fun because we can get quite a few 100+ degree summer days. What is good about it is the fact that we are only a few hours away from a lot of great places: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, the Giant Redwoods and Sequoia National Park, and the central coast. And since it’s been a while since we’ve last been to the coast, that’s where we’re heading in a few weeks: Monterey, California. For Steinbeck fans, you’ll recognize the place as the home of cannery row. It is also the location of the world famous Monterrey Aquarium. There’s a lot of great places to eat, to shop and to, most importantly, simply take in the coastal view and air.

Now, here’s the question: do I take trusty laptop with me? We’re staying for three to four days. That’s quite a lot of time away from my computer. Do you take yours when you leave town? Using trusty iPhone to do a lot of networking is okay, but it isn’t the easiest thing in the world from such a tiny screen.

In any event, I’m calling this post part one because I plan on posting again after we get back with several photos from our time away.

We’ll talk soon.


  1. I take my laptop everywhere now. My husband likes to sleep, so it always gives me time to write or blog. I also take a book with me - get lots of reading done, too.

    As for my vacations... I went to NYC for RWA convention. I'll be going to Atlanta during the Labor Day weekend (with my daughter) to attend Dragon*Con. My "real" vacation will be spent with my husband on a cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. He's even letting me write, too! Ain't he the greatest? Oh wait, he likes to sleep - I keep forgetting! :)

    Have fun in Monterey. It's one of my most favorite places to visit (especially the aquarium!). I'd love to go back.

  2. If I had a laptop, I definitely would take it along.

    I'm taking 2 weeks off. One day is going to the dentist, but I will try and get away with husband during this time. No big vacation for us this year.

  3. Enjoy your vacation! I usually don't take a laptop, but end up using someone else's just to check on things. :) But I do enjoy the break from the computer.
    We were in the Bahamas in April and plan to go to Wisconsin and Minnesota next month but no other vacations planned!

  4. What's a vacation? I think I remember one in 1979. We didn't have laptops then. :D

  5. Thanks for stopping by you guys.

    Stacy: I'll try and have a photo taken at the Aquarium as well as a few other places. I think I'll be taking my Kindle, but no laptop.

    Lorelei: I hope the dentist visit will be easy and that you will enjoy the rest of those two weeks.

    Kelly: I'll have to remember that in case my fingers start getting twitchy for lack of access to my trusty laptop. Lol!

    Blaze: Wow! '79, huh? Ouch! You'd better come with us, my friend.


  6. Thanks for the comment and advice! I'll definitely be making an effort here! Have a great vacation!

  7. Hi, Krista. Thanks for stopping by and for the vacation wishes. Much appreciated. Take care.


  8. I went to Savannah earlier this year, and I'm trying to go to San Diego for World Fantasy Convention. I leave my laptop if it's supposed to be a truly relaxing vacation (even though I miss it so much!), but if it's just travel, I take it.

  9. Thanks, Alexia. I appreciate you coming by. I love San Diego. We've gone a few times now. I will be in Savannah later this year for my brother's wedding. Small world!


  10. I'm envious of your vacation plans! And how proud you must be about your son. That is so cool.

    When we escape the heat in AZ, we drive to northern Arizona where there are mountains and pine trees and a blessedly less 25 degrees cooler. :-)

    I take my laptop everywhere we go, along with my e-reader. I can't escape electronics these days, although I love writing on vacations and tend to stay away from social media.

    Safe travels!

  11. Hi, Liz. Thanks for coming by.
    I could take trusty laptop with me, but I spend so much time during the week, ignoring my family that I am adamant that it isn't coming with me to the coast. I will have trusty iPhone, however, to ensure that I am not completely unreachable.
    Take care,


  12. Jimmy, I absolutely LOVE Monterey! My son has taken two trips this summer up to the sequoias, which he said was beautiful. My family is going to try and squeeze in a little trip before football practice starts. We'll see how that goes.

    I hope you don't take your laptop with you on your vacation! Take a real break.


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