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Monday, December 27, 2010

Revenge of the Siren Song

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Did everyone survive Christmas? I read that there were quite a few who were ill, and for those, I hope your health has returned in time for New Years.

Many of you might have visited in the past week, or saw on Facebook that my e-book has been released as a paperback now as well. It was a lovely gift to receive; perhaps even better than that stack of iTunes gift cards or dvds, but those were pretty darn good, too. So, in honor of the paperback's release, I will be offering another brief glance at the novel, probably tomorrow. Before I do, however, I want to share with you a novella that I just read. It is entitled, "Revenge of the Siren Song" and it was written by Michelle Stinson Ross.

If you find yourself growing tired of all the vampires (I hope not), then this might be just the change of pace that you need. The Siren Song is a pirate ship, you see, as is The Black Dragon and The Ocean's Mistress. In fact, there are ships and pirates and the British Navy seemingly everywhere.

The following is the blurb that can be found on the Smashwords site: Danger and adventure await in this tale from the Golden Age of Piracy. As deadly as she is beautiful, Captain Grace O'Malley is not the only threat in the Caribbean. She must strike an alliance with an old flame in order to continue to ply her trade upon the tropical sea. But the burning passions of Liam O'Shea threaten to unravel all her plots and plans.

Many of you might be asking yourself the same questions that I was before buying this book: Pirates? Really? Other than seeing the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films and always enjoying the ride at Disneyland, I'm not actually the biggest pirate fan in the world. However, mixing the intrigue of double and triple-crosses, historical accuracy that you won't believe, as well as rich, multi-layered characters, makes this a quick and entertaining piece of work.

Though I didn't know much about the history of the subject, Stinson does an excellent job of getting it right. You can just tell. From the detailed locales, to the dress, to the customs of the day, the reader is transported to a time and place as if he or she had just stepped from a time-machine.

Upon reaching the end, I did find myself left with questions which I counted as a good thing. All of the major characters had come together, lives had been turned upside down and hearts had been toyed with from every direction; however, only more questions seemed to be raised, with there being much Stinson could do with them all. Was this merely an intermission? A tantalizing first part? Was this just the first canon shot preceding a much larger work? One can only hope so, because although not usually my particular cup of tea, I find myself interested now. What could occur should Captains Liam O'Shea, Grace O'Malley and Elizabeth Shireland meet again?

What better way to grow accustomed to the new Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, etc., than to download yourself a copy of Revenge of the Siren Song. It costs as much as three songs on iTunes and it's a quick entertaining read.

We'll talk soon.

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