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Friday, December 3, 2010

New Beginnings...

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Who are you? Well, there's a reason behind me not posting as regularly as I would have hoped; or for not visiting the blogs of my dear friends.

Between deadlines for Wicked Writers and Kings River Life Magazine, I have been working on the sequel to "Dance on Fire". Just moments ago, I sent the 117, 520 word sequel entitled, "Dance on Fire: Flashpoint", to Vamplit Publishing.

Notice how I didn't say anything about hanging out with my kids or my wife...or sleeping. Okay, it wasn't that bad. *head desk* Just kidding. The other thing that I haven't been doing is reading anything. I have been filling my Kindle with stuff, and many of the books are some of yours, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. You see, I had hoped to have delivered my second video blog, but between all of the deadlines, my allergies kicked in. The last thing I think you want to listen to is me incessantly clearing my throat, so hopefully I will continue to improve. What I want to do is to do a vlog that addresses all that I have been up to with regard to writing, music I'm listening to now, films I have viewed, etc.

Lastly, and more importantly, I wanted to let you know that Wicked Writers has moved from one blog to another. Please come on over and give us a follow. I promise that, although we are now in a new location, we will continue to provide you with exactly what you had grown accustomed to getting from us.

Before I go, I would like to thank you all for sticking with me as long as you have without a whole lot of interaction from me, either here or on any of your sites.

I hope to change this immediately.

Take care and Happy Friday.

We'll talk soon.



  1. 117,520 -- wow, that's a word count!! That's nearly two novels Jimmy! Good going and look forward to reading it!!

  2. Thanks for the note, my friend. I just want to read and blog and enjoy the holidays now. We'll see what happens. Everytime I think I'm in a good place I find out that I have forgotten some deadline. We'll see what happens.
    Thanks again and take care.

  3. Ref: I know what you're thinking: Who are you?

    That's exactly what I was thinking. LOL! With any luck maybe we'll see you here more often.

    Glad to hear your update though.

  4. Wendy, Maria, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. If nothing else, now that the second book is off to Vamplit, now I can have fun and support my pals more than I have of late. Too many darn deadlines!!
    I hope the both of you are doing well and having a great holiday season so far.

  5. Great to see your doing so well in the writing dept, Jimmy - kudos! You're doing WAY better than me, trust me.

    I have to get my tuckus in gear. I'm doing a re-org right now as well. Amazing how all of it seems to suck our time away from what we need to do.

    Oh and *snort* on the WW writing deadlines! Two posts per month is not that bad. We'll be sure to discuss it in your yearly review. ;-) No jet privileges!

  6. Hey, C.J. Thanks for stopping by.
    Okay,now I know how that sounded; however, one must remember that I am up by 3 am, in the office by 4 am, work my day job until about 3 pm, then have a window of 5 hours during the week for research, interviewing, writing whatever my WIP of the moment is, dealing with my kids, do the chores of the moment, run errands, handle appointments, etc. *sigh* So, yes, it hasn't been easy.
    Now, please can I have my jet privileges back? Please? C.J.? C.J., are you still there? C.J.?
    Oh, man!


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