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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

Well, I now have a new found respect for Louisa May Alcott!
Good morning, Fire Enthusiasts, and no you are still at the right place.
What happened is the local high school put on a production of the musical version of Little Women. And before I get too far, yes, my son was in it. So you can see how something like this might happen! Due to the fact that I get up so early in the morning for work (3:00 am), and because I have been helping my other son's little league team in the late afternoons, I had yet to see the play until yesterday.

Since it was the last day of its 5 day run, I made plans to attend the matinee, just in case some scheduling conflict got in the way. Nothing did, thankfully, so I was able to see it. The rest of the family, grand parents included, had plans to see the play a second time last night, having gone earlier in the week. Since I had little to do, and since it was the final show, I went ahead and saw it the second time in one day.

Before I get too far I just want to say that I am always aware of pop culture things, whether they be music, film or books. I may not be a fan of some things, but I am always aware that they exist. I knew this novel existed, and I knew of the film version with Winona Ryder and how it had a really good cast, but other than that I had no compelling reason to investigate further. It was a girl thing! Well, now I have.

Not only was I impressed with my son's performance as Meg's husband, but by the entire production. It was clear that the kids had put in a lot of work. I knew because I had been taking my son back to school for weeks, or sometimes he never came home at all, and I might not see him until the next day or the day after that. During the last week of rehearsals I saw him Monday and then not again until Friday.

I teased my son on his Facebook page. I told him that his kissing the girl, her getting pregnant, and them having twins was a nightmare that I had been having since July of '94!

For those who have seen the musical version, I think I was particularly touched by the scene where Beth and Jo are supposed to be on a beach and they share a song that ends with Beth basically telling Jo that she knew she was going to die and probably very soon. It ends with them hooking a paper kite to a wire that was on a set of pulleys, enabling the kite to climb up to the ceiling and be pulled to the back of the theater, followed all the while by a lone spotlight which I thought was breathtaking the first time I saw it happen.

Okay, enough of that.

I have a few things on the hot stove, as the sports guys like to say, concerning rumors or things of interest.

First, I had previously thought that there would be no interest from a local magazine, only to discover that I was given a second chance. Once the editor had read "Dance on Fire" all the way through, she reported to me that she loved it and wanted to do something. During a phone call conversation that we had, she told me that she had yet to decide whether it would be an interview or simply a review, but she definitely wanted to sit down and pick my brain. Stay tuned.

The other thing of note, being that my novel is a horror/Christian crossover, the pastor of my church wants to do an interview for the Sunday evening service sometime in May. We have some traditional services in the morning, but they have one later which is aimed toward the younger crowd. I'm looking forward to that.

I received word from the blogosphere that my novel is being put on a list for review on one of the blogs, also for sometime in May. I'm looking forward to that, too.

Christopher Columbus! What a long post! (If you do not know what the exclamation was for, then you, too, should investigate "Little Women" a little bit more. I know I am.)

We'll talk soon...


  1. What a wonderful post James, and congratulations on the double good news. I hope you paster enjoyes your novel. I think he will it has so much to offer without preaching or losing any of the horror.

    As to not having read Little Women, well okay I can let that pass, but to name the remake rather than the fantastic orignal film with Katherine Hepburn, shame on you.

  2. Actually, my pastor is a big reader, and when he found out that I was a writer with a novel that I was trying to publish, he asked to read it. He told me that it was good, but needed an edit. Later than year I met you and you took care of that! ;)
    As to "Little Women" by Katherine Hepburn, it is shame on me because I should have known this. One of my favorite books is "Kate Remembered" by A. Scott Berg.

  3. I'm a big Katherine Hepburn fan, and I came to Little Women the novel, from seeing the film as a girl. Bringing up Baby being one of my favourite films of all time. I often think that my children are missing out by refusing to watch any film that isn't in colour.


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