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Monday, July 1, 2013

Seeing Ghosts Book Tour

Hello, Strangers! *laughs*

I know, I know. I’m sorry I have been mostly absent without leave these days. However, I promise you I have had every reason for it. Part of it has been me trying to turn over a new leaf these days in order to spend more time with my wife and kids. 11 to 12 hour day jobs and being an indie writer pretty much rob them of any time with me. The other part of that, which I’m afraid will continue to be the trend for the next month, is I have been gearing up for a blog book tour. I will be visiting 29 sites during the month which looks to keep me extremely busy. Many thanks to the great Roxanne Rhoads and Bewitching Book Tours for doing all the coordinating.

Here’s the lineup:

July 1 Urban Fantasy Investigations

 July 2 Vanessa Morgan

July 3 Faerie Tale Books

July 9 Reader Girls 

July 9 My Book Addiction 

July 10 Elfie Books

July 11 Butterfly-o-Meter Books

July 12 Paranormal Book club 

July 12 Mythical Books

July 15 JeanzBookReadNReview   

July 16 Seraphine Muse  

July 16 A Chick Reading   

July 17 Escape Into A Book

July 17 Cabin Goddess. 

July 18 Musings and Ramblings  

July 18 Shut Up & Read 

July 23 Mom with A Kindle

July 23 The Next Chapter

July 24 So Much To Write So Little Time 

July 26 Krystal's Enchanting Reads ... 

July 29 Pembroke Sinclair.  

July 30 Gimme the Scoop Reviews

July 31 Cover Reveals 

July 31 Brooke Blogs

Over the course of this tour there are reviews, spotlights, interviews and guest posts. I will be giving away copies of my latest e-book for those of you who have yet to bite on it. There really should be something of interest for everyone along this tour route. I hope to see you there. And when the tour is over, I promise you will be seeing me prowling about your sites once again.

So, come by and see me, won’t you?

We’ll talk soon.


  1. Great to see you on the move again, Jimmy.xx

  2. Thanks, T. We love your visits here! *waves*


  3. Man, that's a LOT of blogging. Good luck with your tour!

  4. Best of luck on your book tour. And don't misplace your wife and kids while you're touring.

  5. That's one heck of a tour, James! You are going to be beat.

  6. That is an impressive schedule, my friend. It just made me tired!

  7. Good luck with the tour James.


  8. Be sure and update us every day where you are visiting! Sorry, I've already missed half of them.

  9. Hey, Jimmy! Just FYI - Vanessa Morgan's blog seems to have malware. You might want to contact her and let her know. I can't even get to her site - Google Chrome is blocking it.


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