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Monday, January 7, 2013

All Good Things Must End

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. How's that new year treating you so far? Mine has been great, but now I have to go back to work. Yeah, my two week vacation is over. Sorry if that title made you think I was finally quitting this crazy writing business. One day I might, but I'm not done just yet. I still have some stories to tell.

If you have been here a while, you may recall that I was ill for the entire two weeks last year at this time. I had plans to get all sorts of writing done that year, only to find myself wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, watching movies. Thankfully, I didn't get sick this time, not from lack of trying on the part of my family. Poor things. All three of them were sick. How I got off so easy, I don't know, but am very grateful. How about you? I saw on Facebook and Twitter that a great many of you succumbed to illness, too. For those of you who were ill, I'm sorry. I hope you're better now.

Now, it would have been very easy for me to plug myself into my trusty laptop for the entire two weeks and busy myself with writing and social networks. I did do some writing. I completed an editing project and began working on draft two of my WIP; however, many of you who know me well will be shocked to hear that I turned off my computer a lot more than you might have thought...and went to the movies.

My wife and I went several times, sometimes I went with the teenagers and more often than not we curled up on the couch and plugged into the latest releases on Xfinity. I saw The Hobbit, Lincoln, and Jack Reacher (No swearing! Some of you are pretty pissed over Cruise in this role. For my part, I still have yet to read Lee Child, so please forgive me my ignorance. *smiles*). Of all the films we saw, the one that sticks with me is Les Miserables. I knew next to nothing of the story, only knowing there was a book and Broadway production. Little did I know! I'm more of a West Side Story fan, you see. I have been to Jesus Christ Superstar a few times, and did attend The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway during our trip to New York City two years ago. If you have yet to see it, you really must do so. Why filmmakers had yet to attempt allowing the actors to sing on camera, rather than lip syncing a previously recorded playback, I guess had to do with the amount of work and technology involved. But I bet they never go back. These performances are brilliant!

At home, I watched a handful of Christmas films, of course, but also got caught up on things I had missed. We saw Trouble with the Curve, Hope Springs and...(do I really want to admit this?)...okay, but only for the sake of equal time: My wife and I watched Magic Mike. *hides embarrassment* Not really. I'm not so prudish. Actually, my only complaint was language. I would have liked it better without the prolific swearing going on. I don't mind swearing. Sometimes it's just a bit much or out of character. Anyway, you ladies might not mind a bit of language as long as some of your other senses are being stimulated. *winks*

Well, my vacay is over, and it's time to get back to the day job. It's also time to climb back onto my treadmill. There was too much to do, too much good food, too much drink, way too many goodies sitting around the house, and too much sitting down. I've got an extra ten pounds that I didn't have mid-December that I need to shed. *sigh*

We'll talk soon.


  1. I saw Les Mis, and was enthralled by Daniel Huddlestone (the little boy on the barricades). Also saw the Hobbit, which I really enjoyed. Glad you had a nice break :-)

  2. We did the movie thing, too. Saw Les Mis (with the kids) and enjoyed it. Saw Jack Reacher (my husband is now reading the books) and thought Tom Cruise was good in it (even if he isn't a 6'5" blond-haired, blue-eyed guy!). We also saw This is 40 (please don't waste your time). I got Magic Mike for Christmas, but my husband refuses to watch it (and he's the one who got it for me!).

    Hope this year is less hectic for you and you're able to get lots of writing done! And myabe some reading, too!

  3. Ref: Les Mis
    That's high praise for something you wouldn't normally watch.

    I can't bring myself to see it. The story is so depressing. Maybe someday when it's on Netflix and in the mood for a singing Russell Crowe.

  4. I loved Les Mis so much. Anne Hathaway totally blew me away.

  5. Happy New Year, had a great break over the holiday period and not quite ready to get back into it yet. x

  6. Hey, Jimmy, my 2-weeks off also ended. I got a LOT done, my friend. My husband practically chained me to my desk. I was in the "writer's cave" for sure! On 6th novel and the 3rd is not even out yet. I have no idea when I might be getting those edits!

    So, I'm glad that you were able to relax, not get sick and enjoy your time off.

    Here's Chocolate Hugs for you!

  7. Glad you didn't get sick! I had some time off as well, though not quite 2 weeks. I saw The Hobbit and Django Unchained and enjoyed both quite a bit.

  8. I've been dying to see Les Mis, but will now wait for it to come out on DVD. The family and I did go see The Hobbit, we all loved it, except the 11 yr old who said, and I quote, "It was long and boring." *rolls eyes* LOL Glad to see you were able to catch up on some movies. :)

  9. I am itching to see "The Hobbit" and it sounds like you hd a great vacation! Funny thing I saw on FB the other day: leave cut onions in bowls around the house (during flu and cold season) and the onion will absorb the germs (brought into the house) rather than you. Could be a lot of hooey, but I might try it!!

    Writing comes...when writing comes. I think of the times I'm away from it like refueling breaks.

  10. Sounds like you made the most of your vacation this year! Getting back to the grind is a challenge. I just finished my three days off, and I don't want to go back! I'm sure we'll all get back in the swing of things soon. :)

  11. I actually unplugged a bit during the holidays. Didn't accomplish much though. Of course, that wasn't the goal.
    I haven't seen Les Miserables, but then again, I saw the original theatrical production in London many years ago and THAT was pretty spectacular. Still not sure how well the movie will measure up to it.


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