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Monday, June 25, 2012

And Then Suddenly...Without a Publisher

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. *sigh*

I guess I spoke too soon, huh? Last week we had all sorts of excitement about the future of my writing, things were suddenly moving right along again after being stagnant, it appeared that I would finally get that second book published...and now it's gone. This past Saturday afternoon I received an e-mail that my publishing house was closing, effective immediately. Now, I have all sorts of feelings about this, but I choose to look at the bright side... I just haven't found it yet.

Okay, that's not exactly true.

Some of you might be saying that this is a great opportunity for me to go out on my own. It is, but I am unsure whether I have the time to do that. You might recall the 11 hour day job. I know I can't forget it. It gets me up at 3 am. *grins sarcastically* What I mean is, I might have to shut down everything that I am currently doing in order to learn how to format, acquire artwork and contact all of the outlets in order to get set up with them as my own boss. If it is easy, I need all of you wonderful people to calm me down and point the way for me because it just seems so much easier with my schedule to find a publisher to do that for me.

My first thought was to hide this drama from you for a while as I attempted to figure things out in the coming weeks. Why did I change my mind and share it with you? The first answer is for catharsis. It feels good to write these thoughts down and to get over all of the frustration. Another reason is for some love from my peers. I can use all of the encouragement you've got right now as I pick up the pieces. You all have been nothing if not supportive, so I thank you in advance. A final reason is to share what is happening to me. It helps others to know what can happen, am I right? I did crawl into a bottle of White Zin Saturday night, but I'm okay now.

I'll be alright. I might back off blogging for a while as I research publishers, begin querying again or attempt to go it alone. I will refocus my energies on moving forward. What I will not be doing is quitting. I am a writer. I have one book published, the sequel ready for whoever might be the next editor and a stand alone third novel that I have been editing. This is only a bump in the road and I will emerge better for all of it. I'm sure of that. Absolutely sure of it! I just happen to stand at a fork in the road and need to choose my next path.

How are you guys doing on the path that you have chosen? I really don't ever want this forum to only be about me. I want to hear about you. How are things with you? As you bring encouragement to me, how can I encourage you right back?

Oh, before I forget; thanks for all of you who wished my wife and I well this past Friday on our wedding anniversary. It's been 22 years now. Actually, it's been 24 years because we got married on our 2 year anniversary of dating. I argued with a future sister in law, telling her that I was getting married on a Friday. Nobody gets married on a Friday, she told me. Do it Saturday. I am not getting married on my 2 years and 1 day anniversary, I told her. And I didn't. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. *rubs hands together* I guess I have some work to do...

We'll talk soon.

P.S.: If you read Dance on Fire, feel like you have a great handle on the material and would like to be considered as a beta reader for its sequel, please let me know. While I decide what to do next, it occurs to me that I can now instantly send out Flash Point to anyone who might like to help perfect it. Let me know.


  1. Losing your publisher sucks.

    What happened to the rights of Dance on Fire? Did you get them back immediately?

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things. It's time to assess and investigate other venues. If one door closes, smash in a window. Good luck.

  2. Jimmy, What a bummer! I'm so sorry to hear about this (there must be something in the air, huh?). Anyway, my friend would love to be your beta reader (she's been asking me when your next book was coming out). So if you want her opinion, send me an e-mail and I'll send you her address.

    I like what Maria said - smash in a window. Sounds like advice I should follow, too! At least we have our writing. No one can take that away.

  3. That sucks, sorry to hear about it. All I can recommend is to go to Goodreads and join the Creative Reviews group - you can find people to do anything there. Among us are editors (like moi), formatters, artists, publicists - all sorts of great people. None of us work for free, but some of us have quite reasonable rates. I'm sure you can find people to help you get your book out there. Good luck - and BREATHE! :-)

  4. Awww!!! I'm so sorry to hear this Jimmy! But like Maria said, when something like this happens, there's always another path just waiting for you to take. My novel is self-published, and while it's a lot of work, there are some great professionals out there that are pretty reasonably priced to help you out. I found a good editor and there are tons of great cover artists out there that won't break your bank. Formatting is difficult, but nothing you can't get through without the help of your friends. Just some thoughts to ponder :) Good luck hon! If there's anything I can do to help, give me a shout! You know where to find me ;)

  5. Oh, wow. It took me a few minutes to digest this, but I think it is so important that you shared it, so thank you. We all need to be reminded that anything can happen with publishers big and small. Things are changing daily and we have to be able to adapt and move on, as much as it sucks sometimes. I know you'll keep going and do more great things, Jimmy. That's who you are. I will always believe in you and be here for help and support. I don't know anything about self publishing, but I do know the writing community is generous and you will find people with the knowledge who will help you if you choose that route. Best of luck:)

  6. have to know what I'm gonna say. GO INDIE! Time will always be there. Remember me? *waves* 70-hour work weeks, teen boys with major attitude, a neurotic dog? I'm up at the same time as you are and I go to sleep about three hours later than you. And...second book out and ready to start two more...simultaneously. So, if I can do it, you can too. I'll help in any way I can, but there are so many people in this community who would love to help. I can at least direct you. So, have faith in yourself, Jimmy. You've totally got this one!

  7. Oh, James - I'm so sorry to hear that. It is a blow, but I truly believe that there will be something bigger and better around the corner for you. Wishing you well in your search.

    Also, many congrats on the anniversary. That is wonderful! My hubby and I have been together 22 years and known each other (so long I can't remember!). It's great to know we are in good company:))

  8. So sorry that you lost your publisher, Jimmy. Like everyone before me said, that does stink. The good news is that it isn't the end. As a matter of fact, keep your focus and you'll probably find new opportunities will emerge. Don't let it get you down. Ultimately, you will find success.

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary, by the way!

  9. Jimmy, you will do fine!

    Formatting, i can solve that for you in a second. and you get a special rate (nada) because I've been there as well you know!

    I'll email you.

    Indie publishing is fine.
    The one thing I would strongly suggest is the use of a professional editor and i can help with that too and no, it's not me!

    Do not be afraid of opening up a new door. Because I'll tell you what, there is a big world out there and you will join all the many indie writers who have discovered they're okay with the control and so on!

    Fear not, my friend!
    I'm emailing you now.

  10. Jimmy, happy 24th, and 22nd. My husband and I count our frist date as our real anni. (^;

    I feel for your plight, my friend. I can only say that it would have been more compounded if you had lined up book signings and could get no books.

    I've taken the plunge, so to speak, at putting a short story up on Amazon, although I could not have done it alone. I'll have to learn how to do the formatting too. Although, I did do the formatting for my first self-pubbed book Spell of the Black Unicorn. I might try to use their formatting and see if it works again for me bc. I want to get it out in ebook form, now.

    I'm sure you will find your path, whatever it may be. You're a fighter, like the rest of us writers, we don't give up too easily!(^;

  11. Oh, wow... I'm so sorry to hear that! The publishing industry is such a mess these days. :(

    I like doing things on my own and having complete control, but I do look forward to a time when I don't have to do *everything* myself. Stuff like book formatting is soooo tedious, and yes. It can be a real pain to learn.

    If you decide to go indie, feel free to pick my brain for any info you might need. ;)

    Hopefully you'll look back at this point someday, and see that it all worked out for the best. Whatever you decide to do, you have lots of writer friends who support you! *hugs*

  12. Sorry to hear that the publisher is closing its doors! That's awful. Please believe that when one door closes, another opens.
    Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.! (My anniversary was Sunday!)

  13. So sorry to hear that! You are right though, you'll find another way and continue with writing because it's what you do. I don't know a lot about the self-pub route, but tons of bloggers do, if you choose to go that way. Whatever you decide, we're here for you!

  14. You know I'm in your corner, Jimmy. Your options are not as bad as you think. Think it over. Let me know which way you want to go.


  15. Sorry to hear about that :(. Good news is that although it takes extra time to organise things yourself, you will learn a lot and may never need a publisher again. When you choose an editor (and I do editing too) make sure you get references, a written quote and a sample. Editors should be happy to provide a few pages or first chapter to show what they can do. When it's all finished get a separate person to proof your work. I had a professional cover done and it makes a lot of difference. When the book hits the shelves or internet be sure to let us all know so we can tweet for you. Good luck Jimmy, you'll do fine, we're all here for you :)

  16. I tend to be an optimist (like a really annoying one), so I see this as something that seems like it sucks right now because you are in the middle of it, but something better will come along and you'll think to yourself how grateful you are. Just keep plugging along. I have faith and I look forward to seeing where you end up.

  17. I am so sorry about your publisher but maybe, just maybe, a better alternative will present itself. While I suck at giving advice, this little piece has always worked for me: Focus on what you can control. The rest will take care of itself.

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! You're a lucky guy. :)

  18. Hey Jimmy! Happy belated anni!! 22 years is something to be proud of!
    I'm sorry to hear about the pubber. :( But I can say that it's never been a better time to be a writer and there really is so much you can do on your own. SO whether you find a trad pubber or go indie, it's a brave new world and the possibilities are endless!!
    Keep the faith, brother! :)

  19. Happy belated anniversary. Sorry to hear about your troubles. You will get there, you have to get your scary words out there. Keep going and fangs bared :) x

  20. I'm sorry to hear that, James. The good news may be that you have the rights for your first book, right? Ever heard of Michael Stackpole? He published a book, then that company rejected the sequel (or something like that) and he could never get another publisher to look at the second because that other company owned the rights to the first. Compared to that, your trek is not so bad. :)

    I saw your comment on facebook mentioning Lane of Evolved Publishing. I'd definitely recommend checking out that route.


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