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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Long Weekend, A Short Week & Two Graduates

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. How is everyone? I am good. Monday is Memorial Day here in the States, so I will not be at work, but home. For those of you who are also on holiday, I hope you are enjoying it. For those of you in places where the holiday is not celebrated, or in a position where you have to work it, I hope the week is treating you well. It is in that spirit that I have come to you with very little more than just a thank you for stopping by.

You see, I have been doing more writing these days, and at the time of this writing (Sunday night), I am very close to completing the first draft of my new novel. I haven't read much lately as I have really enjoyed writing down the scenes which have been playing rapidly, one after the other inside my head. With any luck, I may finish by the time you are reading this post sometime Monday...

...On the other hand, I have both of my sons graduating this year and we have much to do to be prepared for the party that we are throwing next weekend, and only so many days to get it done. Now, I say "we", but in all actuality it is my saint of a wife who is doing much of the work. I merely assist and do some of the heavy clean-up/prep work. If I don't get this first draft of the novel finished just yet, it will be because I have a high school and junior high school graduates that I need to attend to.

If you have a graduate this year, high five them for me and offer them my congratulations for a job well done.

Let's also take a moment to remember those who have served to protect the peace, especially if they have had to pick up arms to protect it with force.

We'll talk soon.


  1. Congrats to your two boys and their proud papa. :o)

  2. Congratulations to your boys. My eldest is also graduating - it's been a long hard road but they all work so hard to get there :)

  3. Congrats to you on being so close to completion. That is such a phenomenal feeling as you well know and I hope it reaches you soon. Also, congrats to your boys on a very great accomplishment! Here's to many more!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!

  4. Congrats on the boys graduations! My kids have a long way to go yet, but I'm sure things will be just as hectic when it happens. Good luck on the new novel! :D

  5. Congrats to you and your boys, Jimmy!

    Our weather has been hot here over the weekend, but wow, the fires all over the west, that's terrible. So, I'll take the heat. We'll be cooling down this week, however. I worked, but got time-and-a-half. Woohoo!

    Good to hear that you are writing whenever you can. It does get adictive. I thought I warnred you of that (^;

  6. Hey Jimmy, sorry it's been so long since I've been by. We also had a graduate this year. Plus as teachers, the end of the year is just crazy busy. But glad that I'm free now (or at least free to do all the projects that have fallen behind at home :)

    Hope you had a good party, and I hope the week has seen the completion of the new novel.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  7. Congrats on your graduates and the near completion of your first draft. I believe this is party weekend--hope it was wonderful.


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