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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Vlog

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Since it is the holiday season and all of us are either super busy, or perhaps checking off of the 'net for the remainder of the year, I thought that I would do another vlog post. It's only about three minutes long and hopefully will amuse you.

We'll talk soon.


  1. I hate hearing myself and seeing myself, too, thus, you will not see me doing a vlog. The mere thought terrifies me. But, honestly, I think you do an excellent job with them. Your voice is clear and sounds sincere and smooth. You don't speak too fast nor too slow. Seriously, I think you do a great job. :)

    Have fun with your ghost story...and I wish you a very merry hlidays season and may your 2012 be your best year EVER!


  2. Happy Xmas, James. Nice job on the Vblog. You shouldn't be uncomfortable. You're a natural! Love the Jeff Goldblum voice :)

  3. Great vlog, Jimmy! I love it when people vlog, but uhhh, yeah, chicken over here. Haven't done one yet. But, ya know, then people will SEE me and HEAR me. ...and nausea sets in. Maybe that will be one of my 2012 goals, to finally vlog. We'll see, but congrats on the latest book, and go for the ghosts! Love it! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family:)

  4. To vlog or not to vlog. That is the question. You did well.


  5. I have yet to do the Vlog maybe in the New Year
    Enjoy your holidays!!!!

  6. How could I not watch a vlog with such a handsome man speaking?

  7. My thanks to all of you who dropped by and left a note. I don't do these very often, but thought it might be fun this time of year.
    Wishing you all Happy Holidays.


  8. Nice to hear your voice, Jimmy!
    My inlaws ordered me a Kindle Fire yesterday as an extra bonus gift (they are too kind). I'm looking forward to downloading some cool books, and yours will be one of the first!


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