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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video Blog: the next frontier

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. I apologize for not being around as often as I might want; however, hopefully this first-ever video blog will compensate for that. This is something that I have been wanting to try out for awhile, but just have not gotten around to doing. It is a bit rough. The lighting is a bit dark, but I was looking for a quiet spot in the busy house and the back bedroom was the only room available. In any event, it is all me. It is part summary and part thank you.

We'll talk soon.


  1. That was BRILLIANT (if slightly wierd - the hearing you talk bit, not what you actually said!)!!!
    Was considering the possibility of doing something similar, but as I am currently sitting in my dressing gown with my hair scraped back and no make-up, I think I will just continue to hide behnd my words! LOL.
    Loved it!

  2. Thanks, Marissa. It took forever to get that vlog to work! I tried using my laptop's webcam, but that didn't work. Had to record on You Tube, then copy the link. It's easy, now that I've done it once. Sigh! We'll see what the folks think. Have a great weekend.

  3. That was cool to hear your voice. And that's probably the first time I've ever heard my name mentioned on a vlog. You even pronounced it right. LOL!

    Ref: ghosts
    No ghosts in your shot. Oh wait, what's that behind your left shoulder? :grin:

    Video is fun every once in a while. Maybe next time you can read a short excerpt from your book.

  4. Lol! Thanks for the note, Maria. We'll see if this will be a new feature or not. I'm just glad it worked! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  5. Hey that's cool! Nice to hear you!

  6. Ha! You're welcome. It took a lot of work, a lot more stress because I had so much trouble learning what I needed to make it work, and then a little tweaking this afternoon when I realized I needed to adjust the size. *sigh*
    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  7. Video quality is FANTASTIC! What a soft calming voice you have! If you ever become really successful, YOU should read out your own books on tape! Your voice is so soothing! East End London accents such as mine tend to be a little more sharp!

  8. Now we are enlightened Jim, was nice to hear the voice behind the words. I agree with Jevron, your voice would be perfect for readers to listen to. ;) thanks for the post !! Mabye u can read to us sometime ;) *grins*

  9. Oh, I DO have a lovely voice! (I'd love to hear you read an excerpt.)

    What a sweet and thoughtful 'post'/vlog. Thank you for mentioning me. I'm honored. *hugs*

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jimmy!

  10. Aw, shucks! You guys are making me self-conscious! LOL!
    You know what, I think I found a place with my voice that was part "I hope the kids and the wife don't hear me back here in the master bedroom because I feel rather ridiculous doing this", and part "let's get this right the first time, shall we". I don't know if I really sound like that.
    Really, this blogging, PR thing is so impersonal, I really just wanted to reach out and say hello...and have it be me instead of just words. We're all just working hard, trying to see whether we might be able to do something...catch lightning in a bottle...with art. Not only art, but a piece of our soul. I just wanted to reach out and touch everyone who has had my back through this process of discovery. Anyway, it seems to have done what it was intended to do. Perhaps it will be a regular thing...
    Thanks for taking the time, Jevron. I really was sad when I finished "Swan Song". That wasn't B.S. I wanted more. I look forward to the new stories.
    Katrina, thank you. Take care of yourself.
    Lola, thanks for the love. Throwing some right back at you...

  11. Hey Jimmy,

    Great to put a voice to your blog! I will now be hearing you every time I read your posts! (I've thought about doing a vlog, but don't have the nerve, so I give you props!)

    Your comment above - "We're all just working hard, trying to see whether we might be able to do something...catch lightning in a bottle...with art. Not only art, but a piece of our soul." - was absolutely awesome, and so true. =)


  12. Wow you look great! Move over Al Pacino!
    Very effective, it was excellent.
    And thanks for the mention.
    Hey a sequel, fanatastic best of luck.

  13. Loved this! I've always wanted to vlog but don't have the guts...yet! (Also, I'd have to figure out exactly HOW to upload it -- techno illiterate as I usually am!) I agree with other commenters that you have a fantastic voice. Please consider reading an excerpt from your book some time. I would love that!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout!! Wow, that was too cool!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Thinking of you!
    :D Nicole

  14. I feel honored to be mentioned on your vlog. Thank you for being so supportive of me and everyone else. And, most importantly, congratulations on the success of your book.

  15. Jessica, thanks for your note. I blame the second glass of Run & Coke for that quote, however. ;) Either that or the fatigue! Friday night is typically when I drop and get extra sleep from the long and busy week. I was getting ready to do that last night after the Kingsburg High Football Game, replying to notes while waiting for my newly licensed 16 year old to come home. Actually, that quote, as well as the vlog was the whole point, wasn't it? Being real! (P.S., you know you will forever be "Snip" to me now, right?) ;)

    Carole, as always, thank you for the encouragement and for your friendship...

    Nicole, I hope that gig as your personal assistant does not entail doing technical stuff because it took me a lot of failing and stressing out before I stumbled onto the right path to success!! Thanks for your note.

    Thanks again, Ladies.

  16. Surprised to hear my name! Thanks!

    I could never do a vlog. I hate talking! It would come out something like: "umm, uhh, ummm, uhhh, *cough*." I have trouble leaving a voice message without a script! Guess that's why I write.

  17. Missed Periods, I'm glad you found this post. We'll see whether it becomes a regular feature or not. Take care and have a great weekend, my Captain! ;)

  18. You're welcome, Stacy. I was happy to do it! It did take some work, not to mention the props! I had notes taped to my dresser mirror that was behind the laptop, and had to continue to make myself try and focus on the camera as often as possible. *sigh* Hopefully the next one will be more comfortable! Thanks again.

  19. I laughed my ass off at my mention! Yes, you're a hottie, you should take your damn shirt off next time ;-)

    Come on ladies!! Whoot! Cheer him on - after all, from that angle it would only be a head and shoulder shot, nothing too revealing.

    Okay, all kidding aside, it was great to hear your voice and wonderful to see the kindness inside you bubbling out for the world to see. You have a special soul, James. I'm honored to have you in my life.

    We'll all get there with our books, building, selling, reaching readers. It's just a bit of a long haul some days!

  20. *Bowing humbly* Thanks, C.J.
    Really, this is a way that I can reach out to those I have come to know over this year, and I was glad that it worked and elicited the response that I was hoping for.
    I'll see you back at the Wicked Writer's Office Monday morning. ;)

  21. James you sound just like I imagined you would! Thanks for the short mention there - makes me feel special that you remembered me.

    You should start posting vlogs of you reading excerpts from Dance on Fire! You have a great voice for reading aloud like that I think. Very calm and soothing type of thing.

    Anyway, I've rambled on enough here! I'll see you around Wicked! *hugs*

    Oh - and awesome music list on this blog here! "Once Bitten Twice Shy" was playing when I first got here - great song! I'll have to come back at least just to hear the music! Just kidding, I'm trying to get back into the groove of things here -- the last few months have just been insane and I'm still trying to recover! But, I'll be back and comment when I can. Keep writing and I wish you luck with everything!

  22. Thanks, Anastasia. I noticed that I hadn't seen you around Wicked Writers Headquarters much and hoped that everything was well. This "business" can be hectic, can't it?
    I'm glad you like the music. I have to have music all of the time or I'd lose it. I think I'm going to blog soon about new music this year since my last one. We'll see how that goes. As to whether I might read exerpts, we'll see about that one, too.
    Thanks, again.

  23. Fun! Great to see you and hear you!

  24. Wendy, you bad girl, you! I thought you were off the social networks for the year? Seriously, I'm so glad you found this. I mentioned you in the original footage I taped, then thought you might never see it. I hope you are well. As always good luck to you in everything. I understand what you need to do. I may have to do the same at some point. Take care.

  25. Hi James

    Loved the vblog and think you should definately do a reading from Dance on Fire.

    You could even play Bron-yr-aur,The Battle of or better yet Black Mountainside White Summer as they are Jimmy Paige solos. (This opinion was expressed by you-know-who!)

  26. HA! Great! You cracked me up with that. I'm so glad that you were able to take time off to check that out. I felt really strongly about reaching out to everyone who has meant so much to me over this past year or so. It seemed to have reached not only the intended audience, but hit just the right chord as well. Speaking of chords, how about some Zeppelin? "Does anybody remember laughter?"
    Gaynor, tell you-know-who hello for me.


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