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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. Long time, no see.

I'm afraid that no one has heard much from me in about a week. I had just finished my two week vacation and was back at work when I received a text from my wife, informing me that our pc had a virus. We attempted to fix the problem, but were unable. My hard drive is in the hands of others right now, and hopefully will be returned cleaned.

Thankfully, I had my iPhone; however, it isn't quite the same.
Many of you are aware that I blog not only here, but with Wicked Writers. Also, I work for Kings River Life Magazine, a local on-line magazine in my area. With all of that, as well as my fiction writing, I needed something.

Today I went and bought myself a laptop. Yes, that's me in the grainy photo, learning how to use the nifty new web cam. One good thing is I will no longer have to fight my family to get to the desktop. Another, attempting to write while in our living room is not easy. You should see me wearing headphones and listening to classical music in order to drown out the family noise: television; my X-Box 3 son
yelling into his microphone as he and his buddies kill aliens or foreign armies; and my other son, playing his Baritone.

In any event, I'm glad to be back. I have met some cool and interesting folks on Twitter in the past week and they all have blogs that I can't wait to visit. I plan to begin doing that now...just as soon as I allow my wife to have time to check out her Facebook!! LOL!

I told you it's been a week!!

Thankfully, we'll be talking soon.


  1. well i'm glad you're back too!
    Viruses can be weird and scary.
    I know what you mean about a writing space.
    I can picture you with the headphones.
    There's a specila little office for me my husband fixed up but I prefer the kitchen! only sometimes there are interruptions--but i write better there! weird.
    Great to have you back James.
    And you look like a writer! Very nice!

  2. Bummer on the virus. I got hit once and it taught me to back up everything. Which now that I say that, I better back up again.

    Good to have you back.

  3. Thanks you, ladies, and good morning. It's just after 7:00 am as I pen this reply. Yes, it is great to be back. I felt like I was missing out on everything, even though I did have my iPhone.
    I thought I might post a newer photo of myself since that author photo I use is so "staged". I only grow the beard during the holidays, and not every year.
    Just sayin'.
    Take care and thanks again.

  4. Glad you're back! I'm saving for my own laptop, so I won't have to answer, "Mom, are you almost done with the computer?" ALL DAY LONG!

    Sorry about your frustrating experience, but it's nice that you're back in the game with a new toy, and a tax write off!

  5. Welcome back ;) yes I had a virus last month.. Booo had to work out how to back up all my data, and save it and wow I amazed myself. My virus wasnt as bad,, But now I have a back up hard drive very hand indeed.. ;) Lesson learnt!!
    Frustrating I know !! But all that behind you now, U will be a man of many talents , u can now type in bed, kitchen table , back patio,,, even with your headphones and enjoy great views whilst writing. Good luck with the new lappy.. ;)

  6. Thanks, Julie. The only thing about these laptops is the fact that I never did get all that comfy writing fiction on them. Blogging and article writing is quick and easy. There was just someting familiar about a regular keyboard. This one is feeling much better than my older one, so there's hope. You are right though, I do have another tax write off!
    Katrina, how are you? How are things in your part of the world? These things still get hot, so I don't know how long I'll be setting it on my lap!! Hopefully soon we'll get our infected pc back, so I can easily load this laptop with all of my iTunes tunes. And then there's the backing up question that you raised. Whew!
    Too many things...but oh, so important. Thanks for stopping by. Take care.

  7. I don't have much more than my book on my laptop and I e-mail a copy to myself after every major addition. Anything else of importance I copy to our main computer, which gets backed up to a separate hard drive.

    We've lost pictures in the past because of a bad hard drive. My husband makes sure everything is backed up regularly now.

    As for comfort, I can only write on my laptop. It's what I started with, so it's the most comfortable. Of course, if I'm at work and have some idle time, I can write there, too. :)

    If your laptop gets too hot, you can always buy those cooler pads (my husband owns one of those). They plug into your computer, which sits on top and a fan runs to keep your lap cool. Since I'm usually the cold one in the house, the heat from the laptop doesn't bother me. My husband can't do without his cooler, though.

  8. Okay. Don't take this the wrong way, but you look a little scary in that picture! LOL.
    Anyway, nightmare about the computer. I have two laptops on the go now; one I have my current writing projects on, and the other one for emails etc. I live in fear of anything happening to either of them and back up like someone with OCD. You'll love the freedom a laptop gives you. I have never looked back!

  9. Thanks, Stacy. This baby has been getting a little more confortable for me to use than the first one I owned. We'll see how it goes. Soon I will begin editing my second novel one last time before sending it to publisher. Hopefully it will go well. Thanks for stopping by.
    Marissa!?! Is it because the photo was taken at night or because I am old or something? Ha!
    I was going to include the other shot I took which was me taking a sip from a glass of White Zin. Decided against that one at the last second. I was wearing a bigger smile, however. Lol!
    Okay, Farrar! ;)

  10. Yes I was gunna suggest the cooling pad !! They are great apparenlty my mum has one.. Your pic is fine James,, No not older at all, If U was female Id tell you , you look thinner in the face,, ** grins** then you would blush and say geesh thanks I have lost weight lol.. But all in all enjoy your new lappy and will look forward to reading your next novel.. I still have to get to dance on fire but I will be real soon ;)
    Have a great day

  11. Does this mean we'll soon see some video blogging?

    Have fun with the new computer!!

  12. Thanks, Katrina. Have a great week.
    Well, yes, Wendy. That's what I was thinking, too. We'll see. ;)

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  14. Welcome back to computer land. Best wishes for a healthy hard drive.


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