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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

Happy Weekend. I chose the above picture because it is one of the alternate covers of Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door", and whenever I get a chance to talk about the mighty Zep-I'm going to! The other reason was because it was a depiction of someone drowning some sorrows. Not to say that I feel like doing the same thing, but I do find myself caught in a "waiting for something to happen" mode.

Everyone who has read my novel seems to come back to me with a word of praise or encouragement for what I have managed to accomplish (with the help of Gaynor, my trusty editor and publisher). Unfortunately, not that many have read the novel, as far as I know. I believe that at least two of my fellow bloggers will be reading "Dance on Fire" and publishing their review sometime this month, but in the meantime, I must wait.

It isn't all that I'm doing, of course. There's Facebook and Vamplit Writer's, etc.

In any event, rather than climb into a bottle like our friend on the album cover, I thought I would ask how others manage to get through these in between times. So I ask you: what do you do? How do you handle the waiting? Do you immerse yourself in your writing? Do you get away from it all? What?

I'm one of those who can very easily climb into my shell and keep everything inside. Are others of you similar? So, you see, that's what I thought we could do: share our stories.

If nothing else, and we get enough of us, perhaps we'll all take a chair at that bar and share that bottle.

That way we can all still walk away when it's time to go home.

I'm curious to see how others handle these moments.

Have a great week. We'll talk soon.


  1. Patience, I know -- it's tough! I nominated you for an award, though!

  2. Hi, James! I'm so glad you checked out Head in the Clouds and decided to follow along.

    After reading several of your posts, I decided to comment on Sunday Morning Musings because I'm currently in the querying phase and can most definitely relate to the topic. For me, the waiting game is more like sitting in the dentist chair for hours (with no gas available to ease the anxiety, of course!).

    Thankfully, after distracting myself with a new project, I've managed to pass the time away without obsessing over my e-mail. Yet still, there are moments when I want to drop everything in hopes of finding Super Agent's representation contract in my inbox.

    But until that wonderful moment arrives (you see, I'm a relentless optimist), I'll pass the time away by absorbing myself in writing more young adult fiction. After all, it's quite impossible to turn off the storytelling switch, isn't it?

    Have a great weekend! Tory

  3. I fully understand the concept of closing oneself out at times while waiting for something to "happen." Sometimes that alone time can be exactly what we need despite the sometimes guilt ridden dynamic that surrounds that choice. I think perhaps it's one of those vital ingredients that provides a writer the opportunity to ignite more ideas and continue creating.

    On that note, congratulations on your novel, I'm going to check it out and look forward to reading it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following Tony. I'm following yours as well. I'm looking forward to the update on the reviews of your book!


  4. Hi, James! Congrats on the book! Also, great question. For me, diving into a new project is always the answer - I get so wrapped up in what I'm writing that I *almost* forget I have something else out there waiting. Nice blog - and thanks for following mine :D

  5. Thank you, Ladies. You can't see it, but I am bowing now. It's a little awkward. I nearly struck my head on the keyboard. ;)


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