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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. As many of you are aware, I had a major review come out on my novel, Dance on Fire, this past week. So excited was I, that I originally intended on leaving that information up for the rest of the year. Ha! I'm kidding. Seriously, I was planning on leaving the information up for a little while.

Unfortunately, I can't.

I could not, with clear conscience, continue on as if nothing of significance mattered this weekend, except my writing.

Too many have died.

Friday afternoon, I left the job of my choice and began my long weekend. Three days off where I could do exactly as I wanted. Saturday afternoon we joined family and celebrated the graduation of three members of the family: one from college and two from high school. Sunday morning we got up early and attended church services out in the open. We did not have to sneak around and hold secret church in the basement of someone's house. We then, on a whim, jumped into the SUV and headed to Yosemite National Park; a place we had never visited even though it is essentially in our backyard here in the Central Valley of California.

This has been my weekend so far. Not once did we have to ask anyone's permission to do any of these things. This has been possible because we are free.

This freedom hasn't come cheaply. Men and women of this country, as well as a great many others, have fought and died, standing between us and those who would deny us this freedom. They died so that we might write and share our stories, but out of respect for their sacrifice, and out of appreciation, I set down my pen and push in my keyboard.

We'll talk soon.


  1. Congrats on the review! And thanks for the reminder to savour our freedom.

  2. This is all so true. I went onto a navy ship yesterday and felt similarly about this weekend. Thanks for posting :) Cute blog!!

  3. Thank you, kind sir. Well spoken and much appreciated

  4. Wonderful post,James. so true.
    Firstly, congrats on the book review and it's on my TBR list with a review to follow on my blog! I swear!
    btw I liked what you wrote about remembering those who died so young. My husband and I are going to Normandy in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately he couldn't get away for the 6th because they always have commemorations for the landings.
    I have been there before and I've stood next to a German pillbox and gazed out toward the sea. I closed my eyes and could imagine the noise of battle and screams and so on. i will never forget that feeling believe me.
    it is up to us honor those who died fighting for freedom, so true. thank you.


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