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Sunday, February 14, 2010

About me

Well, first of all, I like to write. No doubt you've already figured that much out. Truth be told, however, I haven't been writing a lot lately. You see, I started writing Dance on Fire about twenty years ago. That was before the first house, the first of two children, a career and career changes for our household, etc., etc. A couple of years ago, as the milestone birthday number forty was well on its way, I finally came to the conclusion that if I did not want to rock that rocking chair with regrets, then I had better get on it. So I did. I finished the novel and then began the difficult task of searching for an agent or publisher. While I waited for queries to be answered, I jumped headlong into book number two in the planned series. Eight months later draft number two of the second book was completed. And then I stopped.
Anyone who writes knows that in order to be any good you must write. Perhaps every day. For me, however, I was not willing to keep doing this if it was only a hobby. It simply takes too much time away from the family. I get up before God (just a joke, Lord) and get to the office before 4:00 am. I don't get home until the job is done, and sometimes that means eleven or twelve hours later. Get the idea?
Thankfully, after a year and a half, just as I was beginning to think that I was going to have to pony up the cash to print my novel myself, I discovered After a query and a read, the great folks there decided to climb out on this limb with me and here we are.
So it's their fault!! Blame them!!
I'm kidding, of course. Whether you do or not, I don't know, but I certainly thank God for them. A dream has been realized.
Now, as for the second book, that will depend on you good people and whether or not you want to see another one from me. Hopefully, you do, but we have lots of time before we need to think about that.
So, that's where we're at now - living in the moment. As for tomorrow, and what we shall do with this little site, who knows. There's always that "I like your movies, your novels or your music, but I hate it when you open your mouth and act like you're an expert at something". Ask our friend John Mayer about this. Hopefully he's learned a lesson there.
I'm new at all this blogosphere stuff, so we'll have to see. However, without music, I would shrivel up into a little ball, so there's a pretty good chance that you're going to hear something about music here. I also love sports, so you're going to hear a lot of whining when my beloved Chicago Cubs continue to put more time between now and that last World Series appearance. You'll notice I said nothing about World Series win. Sigh! Let's just say it was before the Titanic began that one-way voyage.
I also love film, so you'll hear something about that.
How often might be the question.
Oh, and one last thing before I go. What shall I call you? How shall I respectfully address you? "My friends" sounds too much like Senator John McCain and Stephen King already grabbed "Constant Reader". I don't know.
Perhaps it'll come to me.
In the mean time let me simply thank you for having stopped by.


  1. "Dear Reader(s)" works pretty well, I believe, and it's what I use to address my followers (which sounds so cool -- like I have my own cult! ;-)

    LOVE the site, Jim! I like the red background and graphics -- so many vamp/horror sites use black, and while it works for others, it's nice to have a change. I also like your music selection below.

    If I might make a suggestion to include a blogroll off to the right? It's pretty easy to add as Blogger has an application -- you just click on the box and add the blogs your following or ones that you like. Vampire Wire, Suburban Vampire, and Mondo Vampire are pretty good ones, to start.

    Great site and looking forward to FreE-Book Friday this week!

  2. Hi Jim -
    Thanks for becoming a reader on Layers of Thought... I just did a post for your book for ebook friday at Nicoles blog. :)
    Take care!

  3. Cheers to you for following your dreams.

    Blogging is an adventure. But truth is, I don't know much more about it now than I did when I first started - except that if you change your blog template, make sure you make a copy of the old! :)
    I never know what my next post will be, when my next story will materialize, and all the while, realizing it is a fun distratction to my second novel, which I'm only five chapters into.
    Good luck and congrats.

  4. Hey James, good to see you on here and thanks for following my blog. It is a time consuming, but enjoyable process and you certainly get to meet loads of really supportive and encouraging people!


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