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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Introducing the Devil... Infernal (Dance on Fire 3)

Greetings and salutations, Fire Enthusiasts. It has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you and yours are well. I am doing fine, thank you very much. In fact, I am better than fine. As you can probably guess, I am quite ecstatic…because at long last my latest novel has been released.

If you have yet to read Dance on Fire, it is the crossover horror story of the vampire Nathaniel who saves a woman and her twin infants from another vampire. Not just any vampire, but the one who killed his family, kidnapped and ultimately turned him into one as well. Although he knows the Bible front to back, and knows all too well that he has no place in the Kingdom of God. The woman he saves in not so convinced. This starts him on a journey of self-discovery, as well as making him the family's protector. You can get it here on Amazon or on Smashwords for 99 cents.

In the sequel Flash Point (Dance on Fire Book 2), Nathaniel lives in a monastery with monks. He has not yet heard God speak, but he seeks Him nonetheless. Unbeknownst to him, one of the vampires that escaped in book one has returned with four others. She seeks revenge upon him and his extended family for a wrong done to her. When he races back to town he will find it is too late to do much but enact some revenge himself. At the end of that chapter, the Devil himself steps out of the shadows and proclaims that it is he that has been after Nathaniel all along. Flash Point is also available at Amazon or Smashwords.

In this third book, Satan has returned, armed with over 100 vampires and an Infernal plot to destroy Nathaniel and his extended family once and for all.


Nathaniel looked down at his hands and closed his eyes.
“Don’t tell me you’re praying now?” Satan asked. “Why do you even bother? Look what it’s got you! Before this next act is through, there will be many more bodies under many more sheets. And you will be among them.”
“Do your worst, Devil,” Nathaniel said calmly, his eyes still closed.
Satan relented and laughed. The sound reverberated off the walls as if a multitude of devils were celebrating their dark deeds. “Remember you said that.” Satan was delighted to see Nathaniel open his eyes once again and look upon him. He went to say something more but turned, distracted by a presence. He glanced behind him as if he could see down the hall and through the closed front door. He heard the hum of a motor as it powered itself up the lane. “It seems you have visitors. Good. I enjoyed a fantastic barbeque on one of my last visits. Perhaps it’s time for another.”
Nathaniel leapt to his feet and jumped into his face, surprising him, albeit only momentarily. His expression twisted into a hard grimace and he noted spittle on his mouth. “Get thee behind me, Satan!” he roared.
“Ah, you do care,” Satan said. He reached up and made a move to wipe the spittle from Nathaniel’s mouth, but the vampire caught his arm.
Do not touch me!
Satan allowed himself to be held, and simply stared at the grip on his wrist, the wrinkled fabric of his suit. He glanced up and looked deeply into Nathaniel’s eyes as if he could now crawl inside them and up into his mind to read his thoughts.
Nathaniel pulled his arm down and released it. He backed away slowly, like someone retreating from a venomous snake, and then moved back near the chair he had graced, but didn’t sit down.
“Go, Satan,” Nathaniel said. His voice was calm again. “You are not welcome here.”
“You’d be surprised,” Satan replied. He put his hands back into his pockets and turned to retrace his steps. At the doorway, he stopped and turned back. “The next time we meet, you will beg for mercy.”
“There is no mercy in you,” Nathaniel said. “I learned that lesson long ago in an old dilapidated castle in Romania.”
“Oh, yes.” Satan smiled. “I remember it well. Your mother was there. Nasty business, matricide.”
“My mother died at home,” Nathaniel said. “What I met that night upon my escape was not her.”
“Yes,” Satan cooed. “Dogs, was it?” He shook his head. “Hilarious.”
Footfalls echoed loudly in the corridor as someone came running toward them. Satan turned, as did Nathaniel.
“My God!” Luis cried.
“Good guess, but no,” Satan said. He looked down upon the monk and touched the brim of his fedora. “Hello, Luis. You’re looking well. Must be all the exercise. Hiking up mountain sides, long walks, running from a legion of vampires…?”
Luis said nothing. He merely glanced Nathaniel’s way as if looking for direction. Satan followed his gaze and held it as he heard the sound of many others entering the hallway.
“Wonderful,” Satan said and stared the vampire down. “I just love an audience.”
Satan!” Nathaniel shouted. He took two steps forward.
Raising his left hand, he held it in the air between them. “I’m leaving. And I was only kidding about barbequing your friends. These are not the friends I am interested in. Go to California. I believe Marie is outside, waiting to usher you away from the sleeping vampire horde.” He spun on Luis. “Isn’t she?”
Luis’ face dropped in shock at the revelation. Satan frowned. “Please!” he said and turned back to Nathaniel. His look was a serious one. “I have written this entire play. The monks are safe. I will make sure the vampires know exactly where you have gone. Don’t doubt that for a moment.”
Satan adjusted his fedora, turned, and walked through the doorway. The hall was lined with monks. Some respectfully moved away and allowed the stranger some space to navigate; others held their ground as if suddenly troubled for reasons they couldn’t readily explain. Satan stood before them.
“Nathaniel,” he called without turning. “Would you have the men step aside, or shall I do it?”
Nathaniel entered the corridor. “My brothers,” he began. “’Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.’”
“That’s cute,” Satan replied. “James: four, seven. I have a scripture for you,” he said, staring into the faces of those standing before him. “Second Corinthians: six, fourteen. ‘For what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?’”
“You left a part out, Satan,” Nathaniel said calmly. It begins: ‘Do not be bound together with unbelievers.’ I believe in God, my Savior.”
“You are the only one here who doesn’t believe,” Luis added.
          “Oh, I believe,” Satan replied. “I simply choose to disagree.”

Just like all of my novels, Infernal: (Dance on Fire Book 3) is available at Amazon, Smashwords and all other outlets. For the locals who live in Kingsburg, California - my hometown and the setting for the novels - the paperback will be available here in two weeks. We'll be having a release event at the Trinkets & Treasures store. Details will be forthcoming. A heartfelt thanks for all of you who have supported me, encouraged me and have eagerly awaited this next chapter in the saga. You rock!

We'll talk soon.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is This the End?

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. How is summer treating you? Do you enjoy summer? Here in central California the teachers only teach three seasons... *laughs* We have plenty of sun and no water to spare. Between November and February the skies get grey and we can get some fog, but that's about the extent of it. From June to October it is very hot here, reaching 108 degrees at its worst. *sigh* Can you tell I'm not a fan?

At long last, my latest chapter in the Dance on Fire series is about ready. If you are new to the series, I call it crossover vampire horror. The series explores whether a vampire can actually be used for good or not. Let me catch you up:

In Dance on Fire, the vampire Nathaniel saves Barbara Lopez and her infant children from another vampire. Knowing the Bible front to back, he is aware there is no place in God's kingdom for undead flesh. Barbara is not so sure. Their chance meeting causes them all to band together against the second vampire, provides him with a family once again, and leads him on a journey that causes him to question everything. Follow the link and get the e-book for 99 cents.

In Dance on Fire: Flash Point, five vampires descend upon Nathaniel and his extended family, enacting some twisted revenge upon them all for actions taken in book one. Does what happens cause Nathaniel to lose what he has gained? Will another family be taken from him? Who is the mystery figure that is ultimately shown to be pulling these strings that make him dance?

This summer in Dance on Fire: Infernal, the Devil himself and an army of vampires converge upon Nathaniel and the extended family he has left - because undead flesh that seeks God must not be allowed to live.

The series is a crossover, so there are Christian themes at work here, but it is also definitely horror as you will see. I hope you will give it a chance...

“Marie?” Josef asked.
“Hello, brother,” she said as she followed Satan’s outstretched hand and entered the room. She didn’t take it, but it seemed to lead her just the same. “Meet Lucifer.”
“I really must insist that you refrain from calling me that,” Satan instructed. If he was displeased that Marie refused to take his hand, he made no show of it. “In spite of what you may have read, Lucifer is no more. I prefer Satan. Scratch. The Devil, if you must. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name,” he sang and giggled.
Satan marched into the room. “Sit,” he said to the vampires who lurked closest to him. When they didn’t, he paused and stared back at them. “Sit or I shall remove your legs. Trust me when I say that I can do this in a great many ways. You no doubt have heard I am not a man of my word, but you will be alive to endure it. I promise you.”
The four turned and glanced at Josef who nodded silently. All in the room sat except Josef. Marie stood her ground. Her body language read that being present there was not her choice.
“We’re supposed to believe that you’re the Devil?” Josef asked.
“Yes, Josef,” he said, nonplussed. “I am he.”
The elder-general gritted his teeth. “I’m having a difficult time believing this,” he added.
The Devil ran the fingers of his left hand over his goatee and scratched the bottom of his chin. Then he flipped his hat onto the large table. It slid across the surface and stopped dead in the center of it. “Said a vampire,” he said sarcastically. “I could show you my true nature, but it isn’t pretty. I could kill every living thing in this board room with my will alone; however, I have need of you, so I won’t. I actually live for these moments—relish them even. Yet, I find myself strangely disinterested. I have much to do, you see. Much to do.” His voice trailed off momentarily, but he quickly snapped out of it. “I like you guys. We’re brothers in a way. All of us outside the so-called Kingdom of God. My disdain for mankind is legendary because of this.”
Josef and the Devil held eye contact.
“Are you familiar with a vampire named Nathaniel?”
“I am familiar with many vampires by that name,” Josef replied. “Felipe?”
Immediately, Felipe clicked open a database and began typing away. There were a great many references with that name. Some deceased. The data went all the way back to before the printed word. This was the cyber version of original material, which had been researched and compiled well before computers.
Satan waited.
“I have a Nathaniel who was involved in the deaths of several other vampires?” Felipe offered.
“Bingo,” Satan said. He rubbed his face and tapped his forehead. “It is curious you know of this, yet allowed him to live. I thought killing vampires was an offense punishable by death? Perhaps I have been misled.”
“Hmm,” Josef remarked. “I believe I recall this one. Our investigation concluded that he was not the only one at fault. In fact, was it not discovered that others were to blame?”
“Yes,” Felipe replied. “A vampire named Vincent is referenced, as well as another. A newborn. Tiffany.”
“That’s correct,” Josef said.
Satan thrust his hands into his perfectly pressed pants and glared at Josef. “No, this is not correct, and I am here to finally get you to do something about this egregious oversight.”
“Hmm.” Josef put on a thoughtful face. “Let me take a wild guess at this. You had something to do with these vampires attacking this Nathaniel. They failed and you’re coming here to get more vampires to do your dirty work for you. How am I doing?”
Satan said nothing.
“Bingo,” Marie said.
“Just what has he done to you exactly?” Josef inquired.
“And why can’t you simply take care of this yourself?” Marie asked. “Surely you don’t need our permission?”
“I like you, Marie. You have spunk,” Satan replied.
“Forgive me, my brother,” Marie said, leaning into Josef. “But perhaps as the evidence suggests, the great Satan has already failed twice in this personal vendetta of his.”
“Until the sky rolls back like a scroll, I have failed nothing,” Satan said, and it was clear to all that he was trying very hard not to lose his temper. His countenance softened as he quickly seemed to regain his composure.
The vampires waited him out, until Josef broke the silence. “Satan,” he began. “Forgive us for making sport of you…”
“You confuse me with another, Josef.” Satan glared back at him, crossing his arms at his chest. “I am no good at forgiving.”
“Very well then,” Josef said. “You do well to say that it is a crime in our community to kill another vampire. It is rare that such an act is sanctioned by the board, much less its elder-general. But I ask you – if I may – just what has he done?”
“It really doesn’t matter what he’s done, Josef,” Satan said, approaching. “What matters is I want him destroyed. He has no love for the vampire community or its elder-general. He seeks to change his nature, to become a Christian, and to follow God.”
“Satan?” Josef asked. “What will you do if we respectfully decline to intervene in this matter?”
All eyes quickly moved from their elder-general to Satan. Satan glanced about the room and thrust his hands back inside his pants pockets.
“I would be very disappointed.”

We'll talk soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Devil Returns with an Infernal Plot

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. It has taken longer than I thought, but the next chapter in my crossover vampire series is nearly ready. As of this writing, I have completed the edits that my wonderful editor had for me. All that is left is for me to do is to venture back into Writer's Cave and work through the painstakingly slow process of reading the book aloud - to make sure that every paragraph, every sentence and every word is just right. Today I have a teaser for you, hopefully to whet your appetite or capture your curiosity...

Nathaniel felt sudden remorse. “I apologize,” he said, but didn’t elaborate exactly what he might be sorry for.
“I don’t believe you,” she said quietly. “You don’t want me here. I am not welcome.” She leapt to her feet. “I don’t know why I bother.”
With that, she marched off into the woods and was gone. Nathaniel felt torn, but merely sat on the chair and waited for his clashing thoughts to clear, curious to see which side of the argument would emerge victorious. He didn’t know why she bothered, either, but tried not to worry about it. At least, that was what he told himself. After all, he had much larger concerns. Whether he would see Marie ever again wasn’t one of them.
What he could not afford to do was have her presence distract him from his mission, which was to seek God’s face and protect those under his charge. He had allowed himself to be unfocused too many times before when it had had mattered most.
Unfortunately, she had proved to be a distraction after all. The smell of sulfur hit him when it was far too late to do anything about it.
The chair beside him was no longer empty.
Satan sat there, in far finer clothing than even Marie had adorned herself with. He stared back at the vampire with the vilest grin Nathaniel thought he had ever seen.
“Greetings,” he said as he fingered the fedora in his lap. “You really have a way with the ladies, don’t you?”
Nathaniel bristled, but wasn’t afraid. It was far too late for that anyway. Satan had caught him unawares. And with an army of vampires well on their way, he never once considered the Devil doing anything but taunting him with that fact.
“Apparently so.”
“She is a fine woman, you know?” Satan chided. “There’s an opportunity there. Her perverted brother keeps her chained up inside that estate of theirs, while he does what he pleases like Caligula. Not really in chains, of course, but she may as well be. She just sits in that garden of hers.”
“So, she wasn’t lying about that?” Nathaniel asked.
“And of course I can trust you to tell me the truth.”
Satan shrugged. “Believe what you want.”
“Why did you bring her here?” Nathaniel asked.
“Who says I did that?” Satan laughed before he could get the words out. “I’m sorry. It’s too much of a lie even for one as accomplished in the skill as me. She’s a gift.”
Nathaniel shook his head. “The level of your contempt knows no limits, does it? She is a person and not a thing to be given or thrown out with the trash.”
“She’s a vampire, but I won’t split hairs with you,” Satan countered. “So you do like her then. Good.”
“I didn’t say that.”
“Yes, you did. Of course you did. She is my gift to you. Take her and do as you please.”
“Forget it.”
“And why not?” Satan asked. “You’re both alone. Why not be companions? Besides, I brought her here, but your God routinely turns things around for good, does he not? Romans eight; twenty-eight, I believe. Why don’t you ask God about it?” He leaned close. “Still not talking to you?” When Nathaniel didn’t take the bait, he sat back. “I see,” he said.
Eventually, Satan slid down in his chair in his expensive Italian suit and kicked one leg over the other. The moonlight leapt onto his polished leather shoes and held them far stronger than it had with Marie’s blouse. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised at the unearthly glow.
“Great shoes, huh?” Satan remarked, following his gaze. “It’s amazing how quickly they wear out. They last days at best.”
“It must be all the ground you have to cover,” Nathaniel said.
Satan nodded. “You would be correct.”
“Couldn’t you retire and see the world?”
“Ha!” Satan laughed loudly and some birds flew off the trees, making a loud ruckus. “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I have only my work. Seeing the world is not all it’s cracked up to be anyway. In any event, seeing it is a part of the job description.”
“Are there not wars being waged that you need to attend to? Famines? Mankind being woefully unprepared for the next hurricane, earthquake, drought, tsunami?”
“Yes,” he replied. “And infinitely more. However, I have everything covered, thank you so much. I have more than enough time for all of that, to handle what goes on here as well as what transpires in the central valley of the State to our south.”
Nathaniel blinked, but said nothing. He crossed his arms and did his best to fight the urge to take his sword off of his lap and run the Devil through with it. If only it were that easy.
“What’s the matter?” Satan asked. “Don’t you worry about Barbara and her children? Especially with Michael being here with you?”
He said nothing.
“No, of course you worry.” Satan nodded. He took his hat and set it back on his head. “You shouldn’t bother. Soon there’ll be nothing to worry about.”
Nathaniel began to pray in his mind, but showed no outward appearance of it.
“Stop that!” Satan ordered as he climbed to his feet. He threw an arm out as if tossing something away. “I was afraid you were going to start praying!” He spun around and faced him.
If Satan became riled and decided to kill him, there was really very little he could do about it, he knew.
“Look around,” he spat. “What has God done for you? I mean, really? What has he gained you?”
Nathaniel stared up at the Devil. This was perhaps his defining moment and he knew it. His chance to stand in the face of the greatest threat to God and man, and declare his allegiance. Satan leveled his cold, dark eyes at him, as if he fully anticipated what was coming.
“I am nothing without the Lord.”
Satan sighed and merely smiled. “Soon, you will be only nothing.”

If this is the first you have ever heard of my series, I hope you'll take a look at the first book, Dance on Fire. The e-book can be had for 99 cents at any of the major e-book stores. Here's the Amazon link. The series is definitely crossover or edgy, if you will. I don't label it Christian, though the themes are obviously present. You're going to find some language and a whole lot of blood being shed. Sometimes you will find your nose in the stuff. On the other hand the horror isn't so gratuitous that it turns all except the die-hards away.

Anyway, I hope you'll like it.

We'll talk soon. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal

Mississippi River cruise

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. How is everyone? I am well. As I pen this we have just recently returned from a vacation that a few of you may have heard about. More on that later.

Usually, all I do is complain about the day job, and the length of my work day - the 12 hours days and all of that. However, I can report some very good news. Since I took this supervisor position at my company's Cold Storage Facility, I had really been in an unofficial acting-Manager role. Now, I am pleased to announce that I have been officially promoted to Facility Manager. It's a big thing for me, and they will be making it official this week.What's big is the recognition of the hard work I had already been doing.

For book news, it's taken a bit longer than I'd hoped, but I should have my edits back any day now. I guess that's what I get for writing something that is about 40k words longer than I usually write. The hope is to have the book available in all formats by the middle of May. We'll see. As soon as I get those back and begin the final phase of this production, I will begin sharing the cover more - as well as teasers.

I was interviewed recently by Fiona McVie for her Author Interview site. It's been a while since I have taken part in one of those. It was a bit of fun, and she's a cool new buddy. You can find it here.

The bank of the Mississippi

Breakfast, anyone? 

We just had the opportunity to follow our 17 year old's high school Jazz Choir to New Orleans. Many have asked me how the choir did - and they did fine. They took silver in the festival; however, the performance was secondary to the trip. Originally, there was supposed to be a New York trip, but that fell through on New York's side of things. The choir teacher then began looking for some other trip to take the kids on. I had hoped we wouldn't do anything since my wife and I celebrate twenty-five years of marriage this summer. I wanted to find something just for us in June. However, when the idea to visit New Orleans came up, it proved too tempting to pass up. We called it early celebrating.

Cemetery Tour

In any event, we took in a swamp tour, an old cemetery tour, a ghost tour, cruised down the Mississippi River for lunch and visited the National World War 2 Museum. Perhaps New Orleans might not have been the most appropriate city for the teens to be visiting; however, all in all, I think they had a good time. It might be one of those deals where they look back at some future date and look upon it very fondly. It's not Disneyland. It's a historic and old city, and one might need to be a bit older to fully appreciate where you're standing.

KHS Jazz Choir

Thanks for stopping by.

Rian & a 3-ft gator.

Oh, and it's baseball season. I'm wearing one of my Cubs shirts as I pen this post, and my beloved Cubbies start the season Easter Sunday night by playing against the hated Cardinals. "We" haven't won a World Series since 1908, and haven't played for a championship since World War 2 ended in 1945. But hope springs eternal. Let's Go Cubs! This is the year!

Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment.

We'll talk soon.

At the Bourbon Street Hard Rock Cafe w/ Morrison.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

One Extraordinary Mother

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. How are you? Please forgive me. I realize it's nearly March, and you haven't heard from me since early January. Well, there's a reason for this. There hasn't been much going on, and it's far too early to begin inundating everyone with the new release until we get closer. *laughs*

A month from now there should be lots to discuss. I could have my novel back in my hands after a professional editing. It is book three in my crossover vampire series. I was so refreshed after Seeing Ghosts that I ran back to my vampires. I have a major new character that I am introducing; I'm killing in droves; and the devil is returning. There's a lot going on, and I can't wait for you to see just what I've done. Stay tuned. I will have had another birthday at next we meet. 46. Yikes! How did this happen? We're also heading for New Orleans. We'll be following my youngest and his high school choir as they have a visit planned. We've never been there before and we can't wait. Hopefully I'll be taking pictures...and sharing!

So, why am I here? I'm here because I took another chance, and stepped off of the well-traveled path of horror and paranormal books I usually read, and I want so badly to tell you about it. I do this because I famously did this once and ended up falling in love with Beach Music by the genius who is Pat Conroy. And I keep doing it. This time I read something that was inspiring, and that arguably contained more horror than I usually read - because it was all true. It was all...real.

The book: Naked: Stripped by a Man and Hurricane Katrina by Julie Freed.

The Synopsis:

A house and marriage violently disintegrate. Abandoned by her husband and left alone to raise an infant in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Julie is surrounded by the rubble of her life - stripped bare by love and loss.

What happens when one woman loses everything? It is a time of unprecedented clarity. She must unflinchingly face her marriage, her womanhood, her husband's alcoholism, his infidelity, and the remains of a shattered home. Acknowledging her own pain, she also shares the heartache of others in her coastal community rebuilding the ruin of their lives. As she reflects on choices past and present, Julie emerges anew.

Naked is a beautiful true story about choices, strength, divorce, Hurricane Katrina, flawed diamonds, addictions, a mother's dream, life changing bridges, single motherhood, and a baby girl named Genoa. Struggling to find meaning in her journey while paving the way for her own and her daughter's future, Julie shares a remarkable story with humor and tenderness. The strength and resilience of the Gulf Coast shines through as does the love and purity Julie finds. Experience the vulnerability, hurt, love, loss, anger, intimate reflections, authenticity, and ultimately the freedom as Julie's shocking story unfolds.

My review:

Imagine suddenly finding yourself a single mother.

Imagine your husband e-mailed you to say that he thought you both would be better off living apart.

Imagine your beautiful home is directly in the path of Hurricane Katrina, and you and your one year old must evacuate – and all that’s left of your life is inside one suitcase.
It would make a hell of a story, wouldn’t it? What if I told you it was all true, and that it happened to one extraordinary mother?

As a horror/paranormal author, you’d well expect that I would spend most of my time with the same sort of books – and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, I do love to venture off that beaten path periodically to see what else might be out there. The book I just described to you is "Naked: Stripped by a Man and Hurricane Katrina" by Dr. Julie Freed. She never asked to live through all of that, but as a mother of a toddler who suddenly finds herself abandoned by her husband – she does the only thing available to her. She survives.

I will tell you that this was an easy read. That’s not a critique of the writing. What I mean is I felt as if I were sitting across the table from Dr. Freed the entire time she was recounting her story. I could almost taste the wine we shared as she did so. It’s that personable; that engaging. She shares her life with the reader, once again stripped bare to the flesh to reveal everything. She’d already been left naked by her estranged husband, and the Hurricane that most of us followed over our flat screen televisions in total comfort while she lived through it with only her dear daughter to show for it.
Not everyone can tell a story. Not only did Dr. Freed live through a terrible ordeal, but she did a masterful job of telling it. I think you’ll find that true as well.

If you guys like moving from the beaten path as I do, or you regularly read things that are based more in real life than fantasy, give this a look. I think you'll find Dr. Freed's story completely compelling and inspiring.

Follow her on Twitter and her website.

We'll talk soon.    

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Forward

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. Happy New Year to you and yours. I trust the holidays were a good one, and that Santa brought you at least one good thing. I had an iTunes gift card in my stocking as well as a small stack of BluRays under the tree, so my Christmas was a good one. #brat

See, everything gets decorated in my house!

The holidays were also good because I am on vacation and don't go back to the day job until January 5th. In addition, I had no writing projects and did nothing but sit back and enjoy them. My current work in progress is in the able hands of my wonderful editor - unlike 2013 when I was actually writing the thing. I wrote that first draft over four months (Nov. '13 to Feb. '14) and practically missed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. *laughs* #writers So, no. I finished my 3rd draft in early December, spoke to the three beta readers (all were very pleased) and sent it off. Since then, I have simply been enjoying the season and hanging out with family.

This time of year media outlets typically spend a lot of time looking back at the year that was. In terms of writing I now have three novels self-published. The reviews have been very good and I can't complain. My latest novel - Seeing Ghosts - seems to have become everyone's favorite. That makes me very pleased. That book has everything in it that moves me. It's dark, haunting and very sweet. The only problem has been the chorus of readers who have told me they would love more of that story. Sadly, the book makes a perfect circle, with a lovely red bow on it, and milking it for another book seems wrong to me.

2014 has been my best year so far. Since my stories take place where I live, I have spent the bulk of my free time focusing on reaching that built-in demographic. I have my books in a local store, and have attended every event in town, doing my level best to get the word out. It's been working, but there's still more work ahead in 2015.

That is why I have titled this post: Looking Forward. 2015 needs to build on the previous year and propel me onward. I will publish my 4th novel this year, the third book in my crossover vampire series. Although I assume I will begin writing the next thing at some point, my focus will be to market the books I already have. I really hope to see them begin to pay for themselves. We all do, right? *sigh*

I'm going to keep this short, my friends. I wish you you the very best in 2015. I hope I encourage you the way you have encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I greeted many of you bloggers and writers before Christmas because I miss you all. If you did not hear from me, drop me a line here or on one of the other social networks and say hello. If not for you guys I might have quit this a long time ago. It isn't easy, is it? Not while our books float in a virtual sea of others out there.

The next time you hear from me you should see the blitz begin for my latest novel. There will be a cover release; blurbs, teasers and announcements - although I have not exactly been secretive when it comes to what's coming for our hero Nathaniel and his extended family. There will be other announcements, too.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

Apparently I had yet to have my coffee in this photo...

We'll talk soon.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

An Army of Vampires

Season's Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. I hope the season finds you well, and well taken care of. I'm doing fine. I'm still working crazy hours for the most part, although not nearly as bad as in times past. As I pen this post, I am enjoying the last of my Thanksgiving break: four days away from the day job. I'm already looking forward to taking two weeks off at Christmas... 

In between everything, I have been hard at work on my latest work in progress. I'm working toward finishing draft three of Dance on Fire 3. You may have already seen the title as well as the cover. I'm not actively promoting it yet, but haven't exactly been secretive about it, either.

I'm aiming for a very early 2015 release, and then hope to spend the year promoting it as well as all of my novels. I don't have any plans to start writing the next thing, but we'll see. I say that because 2014 has been my best year so far. I'm still working on making a dent into the on-line markets, but in the mean time have been doing really well at home. I live in a small town and have had many opportunities for events. Considering I have set my novels either here in town or in the general area, I feel I have a built-in demographic that I need to continue to focus on. That's what I have been doing and it seems to be paying off so far.

So, while I'm hard at work on the new book, I've got a very short excerpt for you.

Where are we?

In Dance on Fire, we met the vampire Nathaniel. He saved a family from the notorious vampire Vincent, but somehow that family may have saved him. Believing himself to be forever excluded by the kingdom of God, the Christian wife and mother he meets is not convinced. The result is the vampire begins an incredible journey of self-discovery as he seeks whether God may have a use for him.

In Dance on Fire: Flash Point, we find Nathaniel living among monks in the mountains of Oregon. God has not spoken to him, but Nathaniel continues to seek his face in the hopes that he will. When five vampires descend upon his extended family, seeking a terrible revenge, Nathaniel races to save them before it's too late. In the novel, we find that the devil himself is alive and well, and none too pleased that one of his creations is seeking God.

In the next chapter, we find Satan has been plotting to end Nathaniel once and for all. He has set the trap and planned his scheme perfectly. He need only to flip the switch. And flip it he does.

In the following excerpt, a new vampire visits Nathaniel. Is she friend or foe? We must wait and see. She shows up at the monastery with advanced warning... 

Nathaniel stared at Marie, but said nothing.
Marie, for her part stared back, and seemed to wait for him. “What are you thinking, Nathaniel?” she finally asked. She didn’t approach.
“I am wondering what your presence here means,” he said. “As honored as I am to meet you in person, I worry you have not come alone.”
Marie breathed deeply. “You’re right to worry. I have only come with attendants, but vampires are indeed on their way here.”
“How many?” Nathaniel asked.
All?” he repeated.
“All of them,” she said. “They’re all coming.”
Nathaniel sighed and looked off into the distance. He saw the same view he’d seen for a decade, but it no longer appeared to be anything else but a shade. A shade that once pulled would reveal an army sent to utterly destroy everything that he considered good.
“Why have they come to destroy me?” he asked, approaching. “What have I done?”
“I don’t know,” she said.
“That is no answer, Marie. Forgive me, but I think you do know. You are under no obligation to tell me, but I pray you will. What have I done? What have these men behind me done? We have been here many years and have been nothing but honorable to anyone we meet. For the most part we simply are, worshipping God in our way, searching for His guidance and glory. What have we done to offend you?”
“It isn’t me you have offended,” Marie found herself saying. “It is Satan who comes against you.”
Nathaniel sighed. “I should have guessed. Why will he not just leave me alone?”
“You have met him then?” she asked.
“Yes. He came here once and killed everyone. I am haunted by the smell of the dead. Not a day goes by that I do not recall burying my brothers.”
Marie seemed to hold her tongue.
“Yet he comes with an army of vampires?” Nathaniel asked, contemplating what was being foretold to him. “Why do my kind rise up against me, my Queen? And why have you come to warn me?”
“That is a good question, and one I am uncertain of,” she answered.
Nathaniel waited, but although he thought he had a great many questions to ask of her, none seemed to come save one.
“How much time do we have?”
"Perhaps a day," Marie said simply.

So there you have it. I'm going to get back to work, so I can get this thing released. If you have yet to read book one, please follow this link and pick up a copy. The e-book is available at amazon for 99 cents, and is getting good reviews. I hope you'll give it a chance. It's a crossover, so you'll get a good mix of horror as well as Biblical themes. I promise not to hit you over the head with any one of those.

I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

We'll talk soon.


Monday, October 27, 2014

PNR Radio: The Paranormal Report

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. Once again I just want to thank you for stopping by. There is so much going on this time of year. I'm participating in three blog hops at the moment, myself. You will see those posts and all of the links involved in the posts that follow this one. Whatever you do, please don't let me stop you from visiting as many sites as possible. There are so many great authors out there, offering giveaways of their books, swag or simply free copies of their work. You've just gotta' grab as many as you can. I know I have entered as many as I could - and will continue to do so all week long until Halloween is over.

The reason why I've posted today is to let you know that I was a guest on a podcast recently which is now live. My long lost baby sister (inside joke), the author and multi-talented Arial Burnz, was good enough to interview me on her show. There's a giveaway attached to that as well, so you've got to check it out. Just follow the instructions given during the show to be entered.

Pretty cool, huh? I think so. Anyway, as I mentioned above, I know you're busy, so I'll let you go.

We'll talk soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Creepy Freebies 2014

Hello, Fire Enthusiasts. So nice to see you. Won't you sit down? What's that? Fire? Oh, that. Not to worry. Dance on Fire is a book that spawned a series. It has to do with one's reaction to stimuli, mostly negative. No, no, no; sit down. There's nothing to fear here. It all works out in the end. Trust me. Would I lie to you?

Welcome to my home. This is the site where I house everything I do and point you in other directions as to what I'm up to. And this time of year, I am up to quite a lot. It is Halloween, you know? Truth be told, I'm actually more of a Christmas fan myself... See, I told you there was nothing to fear. I'm actually a church-going guy who loves to read dark fiction. Because of that love, I ended up writing dark fiction. You won't find slasher/shock for shock's sake kind of horror here; however, it isn't exactly Christian fiction either. No. It is dark, and sometimes R-Rated. I do want to take you on a scary journey after all - but one that brings you back for more.

You are probably visiting because of several events and I am ever grateful to see you. In this post I am specifically discussing the Creepy Freebies event, hosted by author extraordinaire Milo James Fowler. This cat can write, so if nothing else I strongly suggest you check him out. In a sea of books, I have been fortunate to read a couple of his works, and I came away very impressed. In this event, several fabulous authors of dark fiction are giving away their work. They are: Erin Cole, Cory Cone, Anne E. Johnson, Simon Kewin, Michelle Ann King, Rhonda Parrish, Christine Rains, Mary Rajotte, Kay Theodoratus, and of course, Milo James Fowler. You should check out Milo's site here and catch all the links for the free stuff and giveaways that these great voices have offered. I know I will.

If you are here for the Coffin Hop event, you may continue reading or head here for that post.

If you are here for the Fall Into Fantasy event, you may also continue reading or head here for that post.

For Creepy Freebies, I am giving away copies of  Dance on Fire and Seeing Ghosts. Dance is book one in my crossover vampire series. Christian vampires, anyone? I kid. No, it's not exactly that. You see, Nathaniel is a vampire, wanting nothing more to be left alone. But Vincent won't leave him alone. Vincent is the one who turned him, and he has found him once again in the small town of Kingsburg, California. I know this because I live here, and I saw it happen. Somebody had to write about it, right?

Back to my story: Nathaniel saves a woman and her twin infants from Vincent. The woman becomes convinced that there is good in the vampire and that he can be used by God. He knows this is incorrect, knowing the Bible front to back - but slowly but surely he becomes no longer sure.

In the second book, five vampires come after him. That one is called: Dance on Fire: Flash Point. In book three, the soon to be released third chapter in the series (more on that soon), the devil himself comes after Nathaniel. He's armed with over one hundred vampires - because undead flesh that seeks God cannot be allowed to walk the earth.

Interested in starting the series? Just comment that you would like to read Dance on Fire and you'll be entered.

Next, I have Seeing Ghosts. It isn't exactly a paranormal romance, but there definitely is romance in there. It is the story of a man who is three years removed from the tragic death of his wife and unborn son. He moves to an old farm house on the central California coast that he just inherited from a dead aunt that he doesn't remember. He stays for the week only to discover that it is haunted. The woman who shows him the place is the spitting image of his dead wife.

Again, all you have to do is comment that you want to read it and you're entered. Want to read both? Just let me know - and leave a way that I can reach you when you win!

As you can see there are so many great events taking place at this very moment. I hope you will follow the links and check them out.

It's Halloween, so there's so many events, so many giveaways. In fact, there are giveaway chances to win all my books over the course of the next week; so many chances to win literally hundreds of great books and swag if you visit everything that's going on. So get started!

We'll talk soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

CoffinHop 2014 - THE Halloween Event.

Greetings, Fire Enthusiasts. Welcome to my little part of the great CoffinHop event. It's so good to see you here. Let me thank old friends and new visitors for taking the time to visit. I hope I make it worth your while. If you are unfamiliar with the event, don't worry. Just follow the link. It is the Halloween event to end all of them; a chance to meet so many fantastic authors of dark fiction, and their work. Not only can you win tons of books, but there's swag, too. Trust me, and just follow the link.

For those who have yet to meet me, I am a writer of horror and paranormal fiction from a crossover perspective. I discovered horror novels in my teens and have been reading them ever since. I am a huge music fan and originally grew my hair long, thinking I might get into music. Soon, however, I came to realize that expressing myself in dark fiction was where my heart was. I attempted to continue writing into my 20's, but life got in the way. I went nearly two decades, thinking I would never find my name on the spine of a book. It was that potential regret that caused me to dust off that manuscript and see it published. I now have three novels and am currently working on book 4...

Dance on Fire is my first novel. It was supposed to be a serial killer story, but then a vampire stepped out of the shadows - which was a hell of a surprise even for me. *laughs* The story was originally hard R-Rated. Then came another surprise. I made the story a crossover. Even back then I thought we needed another vampire story like a hole in the head. My idea to make it different was to explore whether a vampire could be used by God for good. It was then that a series was born. I don't label it Christian fiction, because there is blood and guts in this, and profanity - not a lot, but it's there. I wanted to cross over faith and edge of your seat horror, and not have to pull too many punches.

In the following snippet. the great beast Vincent has attacked a woman and her twin babies. Their mother lies in a heap on the floor of their nursery. She has no idea of the action happening above her...

The vampire has heightened senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. All five are far more highly tuned to his world around him than that of his victims. He has better vision than that of a hungry eagle in search of a morsel from high above the forest. He can smell the presence of human beings faster than the deer can smell a mediocre hunter. Not only can the vampire hear a pin drop, but he can recognize the disturbance in the molecules as the pin slices its way through the air toward the ground. In fact, just one of these senses makes it impossible for the vampire to be taken by surprise.
Except by another vampire.
Therefore, when Nathaniel suddenly came out of nowhere and swept the baby from his hands, knocking him into the far wall in the same motion; he actually let out a cry of surprise.
Nathaniel replaced the baby in her crib and with but a touch quickly pushed the piece of furniture safely behind him.
“Nicely done, Nathaniel. I wondered when you might show yourself,” he added quietly, stepping away from the wall and running both of his hands through his long hair in order to get it out of his face. “Cliché, I know, but I taught you very well, indeed.”
“You taught me only to hate. And I hate you very much.”
Vincent sighed, and then took a threatening step forward.
“Remain where you are, Vincent!” Nathaniel commanded. “These are under my charge.”
“Oh, but Nathaniel, surely you don't think me gluttonous. I will gladly share them with you.”
Nathaniel made no effort to respond.
“Ah, but that is right,” he quickly interjected. “You don't feed on human blood, do you, Nathaniel? Such a pity. Cats and vermin!” he said with a dramatic shudder. “It makes you considerably weaker than I, you realize. In that instance, I guess I will have both!”
“No!” Nathaniel stood his ground.
“I will not be ordered around, Nathaniel,” Vincent said firmly, taking another step forward.
Nathaniel said nothing and made no effort to withdraw.
Vincent stopped. “Ah, you mean to challenge me. I adore challenges. It has been a challenge, my finding you. It has been a challenge following a cold trail across the globe.” Vincent stepped closer. “And now that I have you…” He stared his adversary down, menacingly. A moment later he reached out delicately with his left hand and lovingly moved a stray hair out of Nathaniel’s face. He whispered: “And I do have you, Nathaniel.” He lowered his hand back to his side and changed his expression again, this time to a look of intimidation. Then, he shook it off again.
“Just go, Vincent,” Nathaniel said, placing his hands on the back of the little baby's crib. “It is still early. I trust you have more than enough time to acquire for yourself another meal.”
Vincent sighed again and smiled, turning his attention back to the nearest baby. They were each still screaming their lungs out, red-faced panic on their tiny faces. Something in that scene coerced a giggle out of him.
“So lovely!”
He reached down into the nearest crib and gently and tenderly caressed the skin of the baby boy's throat with his ugly discolored fingernail. The infant recoiled at the touch and did his best to move away.
“So warm!”
Vincent pulled the hand away from the baby and then, glancing dramatically into Nathaniel's eyes, stuck the caressing finger into his mouth and licked the scent from it.
“No more games, Vincent.”
Vincent turned his gaze back upon Nathaniel, his face devoid of expression. He appeared neither pleased nor angered. “It is so good to hear you speak my name again after all of these years.”
“It has been much longer than years.” There was a pregnant pause where Vincent’s name should have followed, but Nathaniel refused to satisfy the monster any further. “And not at all long enough.”
Vincent nodded with understanding or perhaps it was acknowledgement that there was nothing more to discuss. No chance at reconciliation. “I'll not be denied so easily the next time, Nathaniel.”
Nathaniel gave no response.
Vincent started to walk back towards the open window but stopped short. “I’m almost sorry that this must end, my young Nathaniel: my hunt for you. This chance meeting. Our next meeting.” There was the obvious threat in those words, but he showed no hint of it on his face or in his tone. “It is good to find you, finally. I have grown so exhausted with the travelling.” Vincent glanced around the tiny nursery as if he could see the Sierra Mountain Range to the near East, the Pacific Coast to the distant West. “I miss the old country. I will be returning home soon.” He looked back at Nathaniel. His expression melted slightly. It was almost sweet, he knew, were it not for his black, long-dead heart. “Come back with me, my son. May this not end with the shedding of our blood that mingles inside you.”
Nathaniel steadied himself. He wanted to roar back a comment, but held his tongue until he had regained some measure of composure. “I am not your son!”
“No? Are you quite certain? Consider your clothing.” Vincent lifted his left hand as if meaning to reach out for the side of Nathaniel’s head, but did not. “And your hair… is it not as long as mine?”
“That was your doing. I can do nothing to change it.”
Vincent thought to say more, but did not. He just studied Nathaniel as if he had expected as much, but had genuinely hoped for something else. He seemed to sigh, but if so, quickly shook it off. He turned and stepped through the window. Before he departed, he turned to stare deeply at Nathaniel a moment longer. His prodigal son stared back. It had been so long since he had beheld his own reflection in the eyes of the boy. Many years he’d swam in those eyes, never to find comfort there.
Apparently the comfort was to come when those eyes no longer held any reflection.
And then he was gone. The window seemed to slam shut of its own accord.

Dance on Fire: Flash Point is book two in the series. This book practically wrote itself. In it, it is five years later and all is seemingly well. Little do the characters know, however, that five vampires are coming with a terrible revenge in their hearts. They are led by the vampire Tiffany who escaped book one.

In the following snippet, Nathaniel and his human friends have staged a rescue...

Nathaniel had him immediately and slammed him face first into the grass in the corner yard. He dragged him hurriedly, not allowing him to get his balance, and slammed him repeatedly into a nearby tree.
“What do you want?” Erich yelled between blows.
“I want to know what happened to the two women?”
“Why?” Erich asked, weak from both the body damage and because he had yet to feed.
Because I do!” he yelled. “They mean something to me.” He pulled the vampire close to him.
“I don’t understand,” Erich groaned. He began to wilt. If not for Nathaniel holding him, he would have fallen. “Both you and Tiffany going to so much trouble. Who was this Victor who caused so much to bear?”
Nathaniel paused, wondering whether he had heard him correctly. “What did you say?’ he asked, releasing him. The idea was simply too incredulous to be believed. “Did you say, Victor?”
“That was his name, wasn’t it?” Erich said, glancing up from a seated position there in the yard. “Victor?”


Feeling a sharp spike of anger beginning to swell within him, Nathaniel reached back down, grabbing the vampire by the hair and quickly hauling him to his feet. He brought his face close as he snarled through gritted teeth. “His name was Vincent! You have committed murder and brought ruin to two families and do not know the name of the monster that caused all of this to be!” Blinded by fury, Nathaniel brought his hands over the vampire’s head and slammed it repeatedly against the tree. It did little to appease his anger. Eventually, he gripped the vampire’s ears as if he were about to rip them off of his head. Instead, he gave them a turn, and twisted Erich’s head around.
Chief Daniels came walking up as Nathaniel released the vampire to the ground at his feet. He wasn’t dead, but would be soon enough. He spun. The chief raised his hands quickly in fear. Nathaniel saw the look on his face and waved him off.
Did you hear?” Nathaniel yelled. The chief raised his hands again, this time motioning for him to watch the loudness of his voice, but the vampire would have none of it. “They don’t even know why they are doing this!
Having said this, he turned back around, grabbed the body at his feet and proceeded to drag it behind him as he walked with a renewed purpose down the sidewalk toward the Rosen house.
            Chief Daniels watched the incredible sight before him, but quickly went over to the fence and fished for his radio. “Michael,” he said when he had it back on. “Two down, but I think Nathaniel’s just gone off the reservation!”

At this point I needed a break from all things vampire. My love for haunted house stories and romantic films caused me to write my first paranormal, Seeing Ghosts. It isn't a romance, but it does have a heavy dose of romance in it. In the story, Paul Herrera inherits an old farm house on the California central coast. The woman who shows him the house is the spitting image of his dead wife, taken from him three years before, along with their unborn son. Dealing with ghosts from his past, Paul must deal with new ghosts, alone for a week in a haunted house that holds many secrets.

The following snippet is how the book begins...

I suppose you can say this whole thing began and ended with ghosts. Not all my life, of course, but only all that ever really mattered. Everything before meeting Angie happened simply to get me prepared for our life together. No real living had occurred until that moment. After Angie died, I was left only with ghosts. Now tonight I lie beside another woman who is not my wife, and who I have yet to touch. I marvel at her even, peaceful breathing as I stare at the awful ghost that sits calmly, but menacingly, near the foot of the bed.
Aunt Flora is dead and has been for several months. There’s really no reason on God’s green earth why she should be here, in my home, a place she’d never visited in life, but here she sits just the same, and I’m sure I know why. Perhaps it has everything to do with her not having a home of her own any longer, or because she’s lost her husband once again. She seems to grin at me as if she can read my thoughts.
Now she nods dramatically to say that she can, indeed.
“What do you want, Flora?” I finally ask, whispering. I try to be as quiet as possible. It seems like a useless proposition. Peace is an illusion to me at this point; like something so far out of my grasp as to be laughable.
“You know what I want, Paul.” Her voice is low and calm, but seems to reverberate against the walls. “You know very well what I want,” she says as the all-too-familiar lightning flashes outside probe into the bedroom and illuminate her. A gust of wind rattles the window briefly. It must’ve been the reason I awoke in the first place. I’m pretty sure it was just wind, but who could know at this point? In any event, there’d be no more sleeping.
I see Flora’s terrible features—that aged and deep-wrinkled skin pulled over high cheekbones; and that profound smile that brings no pleasure, but only sets me on edge. Thunder roars in the distance as if on queue. I am intimately familiar with this particular storm. Both it and Flora seem to have followed me.
“I can’t help you with that, Flora,” I say.
“Yes, I know. All you can do is bring everything to ruin.”
I stare at the ghost and say nothing further, taking in the sight of her with her long-sleeved white blouse, dark slacks and black shoes. It’s incredible to me that I’m having another conversation with my aunt. It’s clear she holds me to blame for what’s happened. If I wasn’t afraid before, there’s no denying it now.
Flora reclines against the winged-back chair that was Angie’s favorite and smiles. Her arms remain atop the arm rests, the perfect picture of quiet. Another bolt lights up the sky and my eyes immediately find her claw-like fingers as they seem to be digging into the upholstery. Now I know better and I shiver at this apparently perfect culmination of events.
“It’s not over, Paul,” Flora says. Her tone is firm and reminds me of a wild animal’s growl. “You know damn well what I want! It is all that I have ever wanted. But you have taken that from me. You have taken far too much. Now I shall do the taking. Do you hear me, Paul? Do you understand what I am telling you?”
              Now I’m the one who leans back. I sit up first, positioning myself against the tall headboard. Here is a trend I can’t shake free of—me being awake as the night wanes. Another burst of lightning flashes across the Central California sky and then disappears, casting the room back into shadow. Thunder sounds. The storm is fast approaching. I say nothing more as I recline and simply stare at my dead aunt who sits and stares back, composed for the moment. It would seem I’ve become quite comfortable with ghosts, doesn’t it?

I was so pleased with the way Seeing Ghosts came out that I came away refreshed and ready to sprint back to my vampire series. I am now working on book three in the series. I am aiming for an early 2015 release. The cover and title are ready to go. I'm just waiting to reveal that once we get closer to our release date. In any event, I can tell you that the devil is alive and well, and none too pleased that one of his vampires has been seeking God. He will step out of the shadows, armed with over one hundred vampires - because undead flesh that seeks God cannot be allowed to live. More on that coming this winter...

Once again, thank you for stopping by. If you want to read one or all of my e-books, just leave me a comment here, telling me which one you'd like to win. I will be giving away several copies of each. One Grand Prize winner will receive signed softcover copies of the two Dance on Fire books, and another will win a signed copy of Seeing Ghosts. Just please leave me a way to get a hold of you should you win. The contest will be open until November 1st.

In the meantime, please continue coffin hopping by following this link.

We'll talk soon.